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ATP Kicks Off 'Game Changing' 50th Anniversary Campaign

The campaign celebrates the 50th anniversary of the ATP's formation

The ATP has today unveiled 'Game Changing', an integrated campaign celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the ATP's formation in 1972.

Founded as a players' association at the 1972 US Open, ATP has since undergone a journey of evolution over the course of its rich 50-year history. Today boasting hundreds of millions of fans, a global Tour across more than 30 countries each season and iconic superstar athletes, the ATP Tour has grown into one of the world’s pre-eminent sports entertainment platforms.

To mark this major milestone, ATP has today launched ‘Game Changing’ – an integrated campaign celebrating 50 years of iconic moments, influential figures and changing styles that shaped the game known and loved by fans around the world.

From the ATP’s humble beginnings under a set of stairs in New York, to the creation of the Pepperstone ATP Rankings and the famous ‘Parking Lot Press Conference’ that led to the formation of the ATP Tour in 1990, the campaign looks back over the fundamental building blocks of modern tennis. Charting a course through landmark moments, influential figures, new rules and Tour destinations, to OneVision, ATP’s transformational strategic plan that repositions tennis for the next era of growth, ‘Game Changing’ tells the colourful story of a sport that continues to embrace the future and positive change.

‘Game Changing’ kicks off this week with a 12-part series of original editorial and social content, presented under a standout new visual identity. Each week the series will explore a key theme, spanning Matches, Rivalries, Comebacks, Fashion, Innovation, Venues, and many others. Further original programming will be introduced over the course of the campaign.

Andrea Gaudenzi, ATP Chairman: “The game has a rich heritage and has never stood still. This campaign is a celebration of that incredible story, the people that made it happen and the diversity of our global game. Importantly, it also gives a nod to the future. It’s a privilege to mark this major milestone, as we look ahead to building on ATP’s incredible 50-year journey.”

Andy Murray, former ATP World No. 1: “I think the game has changed a lot. Where we are now, the game is in a pretty good place. The guys that have been at the top of the game now for 15-20 years have played a big role in that. We get the opportunity to travel and play all across the world. The Tour is well supported by sponsors and fans. Even compared with the beginning of my career, you can see the improvements that tournaments have made in terms of facilities. There has been a lot of progress across the Tour and hopefully it continues to go that way."

Stan Smith, ATP Legend and Founding Father: “It’s been amazing to see the ATP grow. We started off with just a hundred or so players who wanted to have an opportunity to play whenever they wanted to play, wherever they wanted, no matter what type of person they were. The ATP has come a long way. It’s exciting to see what’s happened.”

Join us in celebrating 50 Years of ATP at ATPTour.com and ATP’s social channels.

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