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Team Great Britain captain Tim Henman talks to Cameron Norrie in Sydney on Monday ahead of the inaugural ATP Cup, where on-court coaching is permitted.

ATP Cup To Showcase Innovations

Innovations to include team zones, video review, on court coaching

Striking innovation will be a feature of the new ATP Cup, which will launch the global tennis season in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. 

Tennis team competition will be showcased like never before, bringing fans closer to the players, and behind-the-scenes coverage revealing strategy sessions, match analysis and team interaction on a whole new level. 

“The ATP Cup is set to launch the 2020 ATP season in a major way and the event is going to play a pioneering role in innovation in our sport,” ATP Cup Managing Director Ross Hutchins said. 

“This ground-breaking new tournament has given us the opportunity to take a fresh look and put the players and innovation first across multiple aspects of the event, including rules, technology, behind-the-scenes access, event production and more. The ATP Cup is set to shine a new and unique light on our sport for fans worldwide and we can’t wait for the action to get underway this week.”

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The 24-country team event will take place from 3-12 January in partnership between the ATP and Tennis Australia.

“The ATP Cup will bring the fans and players closer together, and on a much bigger scale, than we’ve seen before in tennis,” ATP Cup Tournament Director Tom Larner said. 

“The passion, spirit and excitement of team competition, with the players and captains striving to win for their country, and each other, is at the heart of the ATP Cup. Capturing that essence, and delivering it to fans whether they are in the stadium, watching on TV or following on other platforms, will be a major point of difference. 

“The new team zones, positioned in the corners of the court, will bring a highly visible support team to each player, with the captain, players and even coaches, all working together to both cheer their player on, as well as providing detailed coaching advice. 

“Everything will be captured and delivered in real time to fans, both in-stadium and watching on TV and online, providing a totally new insight into some of the biggest personalities in the game.” 

Top 10 ATP Cup innovations: 

  1. Team Zones positioned in the corners of the court will bring the players closer to fans than ever before. 
      Team Zones replace player benches traditionally located by the umpire’s chair
    •  Equipped with access to real time statistics, data, insights and match vision, the captain, players and coaches can use an Athlete’s AI platform, and have the ability to bring up any points played according to specific match statistics at the touch of a button, as well as bookmark specific points for post-match analysis. 
    •  Each Team Zone can access ATP’s Second Screen, an advanced platform providing player and ball tracking data in real time.
  2. Strategy Rooms will give unprecedented access to match analysis and debriefing tools to captains and their teams 
  3. LED integrated Umpires Chair
  4. New canopy roof at Ken Rosewall Arena in Sydney, hosting both the Group Stage and Final Eight, and elevating fan comfort and experience
  5. Video Review (VR) enables communication between Chair Umpires and VR operators and greater review capacity with six new and dedicated foot fault cameras
      VR is designed to assist with contentious officiating decisions such as double bounces, foul shots, touches or invasion. Following a previous trial at the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan, the ATP Cup will become the first FedEx ATP Rankings event in history to use VR.
  6. A total of USD $15 million in prize money is on offer, including a participation fee and prize money for both individual match wins and tie victories. The ATP Cup offers more prize money than any other ATP event on the calendar.
  7. Up to 750 FedEx ATP Ranking points are up for grabs for a successful player who is undefeated in all possible singles matches. Points are awarded for match wins in each round, with the number of points depending on the ranking of the opponent and the round of the result. 
    In doubles, an undefeated player who plays and wins all possible doubles matches will earn 250 FedEx ATP Rankings points.
  8. State-of-the-art production to capture behind-the-scenes footage and rare player access capturing the players’ team dynamics, ensuring unique content across social media and broadcast throughout the event.
  9. On court coaching is allowed for the team captain and competing players’ individual coaches, while fellow team members can assist with input during changeovers and set breaks. 
  10. Full court LED screens surrounding centre court in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney will heighten the in-stadium experience and provide a dynamic platform for entertainment, replays, reviews and stats.

For latest tournament information, live scores, group standings and more, visit ATPCup.com.

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