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Spain's Roberto Bautista Agut welcomed his first child, Roberto Jr., just two weeks ago.

Papa Bautista Agut: 'I Wanted To Rediscover The Family Bond I Had Lost'

Spanish star talks about a new dimension to his life

“I wanted to rediscover the family bond I had lost.”

The phrase is loaded with sincerity and it sums up a moment of absolute happiness that life surely owed Roberto Bautista Agut after showing him its ugliest side.

The Spaniard, who last November lost his father shortly after the passing of his mother, celebrated the coming into the world of his first child on 15 September, just two weeks ago.

While a new life is always unbeatable news, in the case of Bautista Agut it is a gift that beats any other. After absorbing the painful blows of the loss of his parents, the No. 10 in the FedEx ATP Rankings has more reason to smile than ever. Little Roberto has arrived to bring some joy back into his life.

“It was an incredible moment,” the Spaniard told ATPTour.com. “It doesn’t matter how often they tell you, until it happens you’re not aware of how special it is to have a child. It’s a huge responsibility. It was something that Ana [his wife] and I had in mind. We really wanted to take that step. We’re very happy.”

On Saturday, 30 November 2019, Bautista Agut married Ana Bodi Tortosa in Castellon, beginning a new phase of his life. Shortly afterwards, they both took the step of trying for a child, announcing in April that the pregnancy had become a reality, and that the baby was due at the end of September.

Therefore, in light of the expected arrival, Bautista Agut decided not to play in the Internazionali BNL d'Italia in order to be with his wife during labour. Although, shortly afterwards, he was back to work.

“I’m lucky because my wife is incredible,” said Bautista Agut. “Right now, she is looking after the baby on her own, although she’s with her parents. I’m playing at Roland Garros, but I feel relaxed because I know they are both very well. I can’t wait to see him. I was only at home for three days, I’ve only changed one nappy, I haven’t had much time.” The Spaniard packed his bags to travel to Hamburg, and returned to competition the Saturday after the birth.

“Fortunately, thanks to technology, everything is easier,” admitted the Spaniard. “I can FaceTime every so often. It’s amazing because he grows day by day.”

Like other players on the ATP Tour who are fathers, Bautista Agut is planning for his son to be with him at some tournaments on the calendar in order to spend more time with him, combining his personal and professional lives without having to sacrifice either. That, however, will have to wait until the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic settles a little.

“I would like to spend a lot of time with them, but it’ll depend on a lot of things,” confessed the Spaniard. “We have to see how the pandemic progresses. Hopefully we can start to travel normally. So far, the baby hardly cries, only when he’s hungry. The important thing is that he makes it easy for us to make decisions, but we really can’t wait to be able to spend time together. Hopefully they can travel with me some weeks.”

Bautista Agut is sure about one thing, sooner or later, his son will have sport coursing through his veins, exactly as he did when he was little.

“Of course, he’ll live for sport. I’m a sports lover and my wife is too. I’m sure he’ll travel with me and experience tennis in first person. Hopefully, I can play for many years and he can be more aware of everything. I would love to live the final years of my career with him.”