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Brian Baker (R) teams with Sam Groth to win his fifth Challenger doubles title of 2016 in Charlottesville.

Baker Reacts To 20-0 Challenger Doubles Record In 2016

Brian Baker sits down with USTA Pro Circuit broadcaster Mike Cation after winning his fifth ATP Challenger Tour doubles title of the year in Charlottesville

You’re 20-0, five straight Challenger titles through 2016. How much of it has been you and how much of it has been your partners or even luck?

I think it’s always a team effort. I’ve been fortunate to play with good partners every week, Ryan Harrison, Sam Groth twice, Matt Reid and Mackenzie McDonald. It’s been a really fun year in doubles. I still haven’t found my stride yet in singles, but I look to keep playing more doubles next year and hopefully keep getting my [Emirates ATP Doubles] ranking up because I don’t have a point coming off until Savannah.

With scoring in doubles, things can get away from you with a bad give minutes. What does that say about your mental composure and that of your partners in not losing a match this year?

I think it just shows that we haven’t really had an off match. You have some matches where you play better than others, but we haven’t had a 10-minute stretch of bad tennis where we could lose the match. And the key is not losing many sets. [Laughs]. I think I’ve only lost three sets this year in Challengers. Obviously in a Match Tie-break, if you get a letcord or double fault once, it can change the momentum. The key is just to be steady and play well on deuce points.

Chris Guccione has the current record-winning streak in Challenger doubles with 33 matches. Is that something you think about at all?

Not at all. I didn’t even know there was a streak. Maybe I’d think about it if I got to 32 or 33, but right now I’m just trying to get my [Emirates ATP Doubles] ranking up and get inside the Top 50 or Top 40. Obviously a streak of that magnitude is significant, but it’s not something I’m thinking about.

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