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The new Tecnifibre racquets feature the colors of the French flag.

Tecnifibre's New Racquet Line Delivers Style & Performance

Racquets tipped to be a hit with pros and club players

You know Jeremy Chardy's booming forehand. Now imagine the Frenchman's forehand with a new, more powerful racquet from Tecnifibre.

Chardy has changed racquets within the Tecnifibre family and now uses the company's new T-Fight 305, one of seven models of Tecnifibre's new T-Fight XTC range, the flagship of the Tecnifibre/ATP co-branded products. The racquets are elegantly designed in the colours of the French flag, and Tecnifibre engineers have improved the racquets' technical aspects as well.

The racquet first of all is a really good looking racquet... I also think it's a good mix between power and control. That's why when I changed for Tecnifibre three years years ago, I was really happy because I could still have the power but with a lot of control in my ball,” Chardy told ATPWorldTour.com.

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Chardy has enjoyed having more power with his new racquet. “It's good because you can be more relaxed and if you touch the ball well in the centre of the racquet you get much more power,” he said.

Tecnifibre thought of various types of players when designing the racquets. The seven models in the line are broken into three groups: lightweight performance models, for younger competitive players or older club players; power models, for high-performance players who crave a traditional but powerful frame; and control models, for top-level players who prefer a traditional yet compact frame for stability and control.

The light racquet segment might feature the most changes. The racquets have an extended handle, making the two-handed backhand even easier. The segment of racquets has a hybrid elliptical/rectangular design that generates more stability and has greater power potential.

The new string pattern – 16x19 – will lead to increased power and ball feel. And the segment has XTC Construction above the grip that provides increased stability and ball feel as well.

Fans might not be able to play as well as Chardy, No. 44 in the ATP Rankings. But they can own the exact same racquet as the 31-year-old right-hander.

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