Bruno Soares & Andre Sa team up to support the WimBelemDon Project.

ATP ACES For Charity: Andre Sa & Bruno Soares

The WimBelemDon Project looks to promote education through tennis. 

Charities and Causes

Andre Sa and Bruno Soares support the WimBelemDon Project, founded in 2000 with a motto of “Educating through Tennis”. Combining tennis lessons, educational workshops, English classes and psychological support in a safe environment, the WimBelemDon Project helps facilitate the development of skills, self-esteem and discipline of at-risk children in Porto Alegre to enable them to participate actively in Brazilian society. Sa and Soares have been actively involved with the project since 2010.


The WimBelemDon Project has been selected as one of nine ATP ACES For Charity grant recipients for 2014, and will receive $15,000 to support the programme. 

Projeto WimBelemDon