ATP Aces For Charity: Bastad

The SkiStar Swedish Open supports cancer research, as well as Save the Children Sweden, the Robin Soderling Foundation, and children in Nepal.

Charities and Causes
The SkiStar Swedish Open has supported cancer research for nine years, beginning with its collaboration with Swedish artist Ernst Billgren. He designed a bracelet called “Net roll”, symbolising that a small contribution can make a difference between winning or losing, to raise awareness that we can all make a difference. Sold annually at the Båstad tennis arena, proceeds are dedicated to the research of all types of cancer. The tournament further raises money for cancer research through the sale of official merchandise, with the organisation’s volunteers given the chance to buy the official clothes collection for a charity donation.

Through its various charity auctions online and on centre court during the tournament week, the SkiStar Swedish Open has also been able to make donations to Save the Children Sweden, the Robin Soderling Foundation, and children in Nepal.

Since 2007, the SkiStar Swedish Open has raised over SEK 550,000 for cancer research. It has also donated SEK 100,000 to the Stefan Paulssons Memorial cancer fund and will continue to donate SEK 50,000 annually in the years to come.

In 2009, auctions brought in SEK 204,000 for Save the Children Sweden. The following year, the tournament raised SEK 150,000 to fund construction, repair and maintenance, education materials, the drinking water supply, furniture and toilet construction at three schools in Bardiya, Nepal. The project benefitted more than 700 children at ECD centres and primary grades in three different village development centres in Bardiya.

In 2012, David Ferrer, Tomas Berdych and other ATP players put their art skills on display for the SkiStar Swedish Open’s Tennis Artwork for Charity. The one-of-a-kind painting was auctioned online, with proceeds benefitting Robin Soderling’s foundation.

In 2014, the tournament introduced donations through text messaging, with fans having an opportunity to give 50 SEK or more to the Swedish Cancer Society. Together with the Cancer Society and Bukowskis Auction House, the tournament auctioned a bracelet, earning 33,000 SEK for cancer research.

The SkiStar Swedish Open and If Stockholm Open received a €15,000 grant for the Cancer Society through the ATP ACES For Charity programme in 2015.

Swedish Cancer Society