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Through Sydney's Support of the JDRF, the charity received an ATP ACES grant in 2012.

ATP ACES For Charity: Sydney

CSJ leMoNaiD was founded with a mission to stop Motor Neurone Disease (ALS)

Charities and Causes
CSJ leMoNaiD, supported by the Apia International Sydney, was founded by 13-year-old Juliette Jones with a mission to stop Motor Neurone Disease (ALS). It has a goal of raising awareness and creating a steady flow of revenue into research for a cure. First established as a lemonade stand in 2014, the sale of leMoNaiD has raised more than $20,000 through the Go Fund Me page and a regular Saturday stall at the Ramsgate Foodie and Farmers Market in Sydney. 

The tournament previously supported the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), the world’s largest charitable supporter of Type 1 diabetes research, investing more than $100 million globally per year. It aims to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes and its complications by sourcing the best medical researchers and institutes.

In January 2012, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation was awarded a $10,000 cheque as part of the ATP ACES For Charity programme. Funds raised by JDRF’s participation in the APIA International Sydney were used for Australian medical research, and the partnership furthered encourages people with Type 1 diabetes to participate in activities that can improve their overall health. 

CSJ leMoNaiD

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation