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South Korea's Hyeon Chung returns for the first time in more than two months at the BB&T Atlanta Open.

Chung Remembers His 'ATP Firsts'

2017 Next Gen ATP Finals champion shares the first time he was recognised and his pinch-me moment on the ATP World Tour

Hyeon Chung is back. The South Korean returned triumphantly on Wednesday, beating #NextGenATP American Taylor Fritz to reach the BB&T Atlanta Open quarter-finals. After reaching his eighth quarter-final of the season, Chung took time to talk with ATPWorldTour.com about his "ATP Firsts", including the first time he was mobbed in the Seoul airport.

First moment I realised I loved tennis
When I won my first tournament. Like 11, 12. The national tournament in Korea. I don’t know where. Most of the Korean kids were playing.

First coach and most important lesson he/she taught me
Many coaches, but I had one big coach before. I toured with him for four, five years, Mr Yoon. Yong-Il Yoon.

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First pinch-me moment on the ATP World Tour
When I saw Roger, Rafa and Novak in the locker room. My first main draw Grand Slam was Wimbledon (2015).

First time I was recognised
At the Seoul airport, after my wins in Melbourne this year. 'Can I take a picture, have an autograph?'

First time in another country
Eleven years old, for the Orange Bowl in Florida, with the Korean national team, all Korean boys.

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First thing I bought with prize money
When I got the first ATP [Rankings] points, my coach bought for me the Beats [headphones]. Silver.

First pet
When I was young, once, I had a turtle for a few years, but I moved... I couldn’t have her so I gave her to my friends... [Now] I want a pet but I live in an apartment in Korea, and I can't get a pet in an apartment. When I retire from tennis, I will try to get a pet, a little dog or something... I don't know [which kind]; I'll have to think about it.

First music album
Psy, went to his concert in Korea, a lot of people were there.

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