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Grigor Dimitrov enjoys basic, simple outfits.

Fashion Court: Dimitrov 'Goes With The Flow'

The  Bulgarian dishes on his style and fashion inspirations

Grigor Dimitrov is widely considered by his peers as one of the most fashionable guys on the ATP Tour.

Ahead of the US Open — and New York Fashion Week (8-12 September) — ATPTour.com spoke to the Bulgarian about his fashion inspirations, the cities on Tour with the best shopping, one thing he would never wear and more.

Off court, who is your fashion inspiration?
I think throughout the years, I’ve always felt like I’ve changed my style a little bit. I always try to wear something that doesn’t necessarily match me or doesn’t necessarily go with my personality. I go with whatever the flow is.

One of my favourite designers throughout the years has been Rick Owens. [He makes] very simple, very Bohemian-style, very-loose outfits. I’ve always drawn inspiration from him in a sense because in Europe, we have different weather. Winter is a little bit long at times and [you have] the fall, so you need to wear a little bit more layers. Through the years, I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration and ideas from him to layer things up. I don’t necessarily do it just like him, but I like that sort of vibe.

But lately, honestly, it’s been whatever I feel like wearing. We can’t go to the restaurants that much or anything, so it’s been very basic, very simple… We have an amazing guy Jerry Lorenzo who has a brand Fear of God, and I think they’re getting into it amazingly well. They have a lot of Earth colours and things that you can match with bright colours. I love the simplicity of it, I love the sporty look, but it is sophisticated at the same time. I think it’s really nice to wear something that also shows your character a little bit.

During normal times, what is the go-to Grigor outfit?
Honestly, it depends where I go and who I go with. It varies a little bit. That’s a good question. I’ve always been a fan of sneakers, so I’ll start from the bottom and go with a very plain sneaker, depending on the colours I wear. I’ll go with jeans and a simple oversized t-shirt.

It also depends where I’m going and how I like things to be done. But lately, since I live in Monaco and it’s a little bit more sophisticated out there, I’ve been wearing a little bit more Bruno Cucinelli, very different summer-y vibes, clothes that are very nice with loose pants and a very nice colour-coordinated shirt with buttons and short sleeves. I love hats as well, so I’ve also been wearing some of them. Very mixed and matched, actually.

What kind of hats?
I have a couple of friends who do hats. They do very cool hats with different elements on them, whether they are feathers, some quotes or things that I really like, numbers. I always go with whatever I feel like at that particular moment and I try to take it out of me and put it into some sort of inspiration that I have.

On Tour, what is the best city to go shopping for clothes in?
I’ve done great damage in London. It’s always been a place where I know that even if I don’t look for something, I know I’ll find something. Los Angeles has always been my weak spot. I have a bunch of places there where even if I don’t want to buy anything, even if I just want to go and have a look, you’re always going to buy something. That’s just how it is. The limit there is completely different.

I would say London and Los Angeles for sure. New York has been a very interesting one for me as well. I know my go-to spots so to speak, but I always try to keep it more casual and not extravagant. It’s more different [in New York] and I think that contemporary look is very important for me. It’s not really to go on one side and the other side. It’s creating your own path.

What’s one thing you would never wear and why?
I’d probably never wear slippers with socks. It’s a trend. I’ve seen it so many times, I just don’t think I would want to wear it. I see it and I’m like, ‘Okay, cool.’ I just don’t get it enough, I don't think. I think it’s kind of funny. That’s probably why I like that contemporary look more and when I see something I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m never going to do that.’ I probably won’t do it.

Is it almost like a basketball-player look?
Yeah, yeah. Nothing against them at all. On them and on athletes in general it looks fine, whatever. You [wear] your socks, you want to rest your feet. But I’m not sure I’ll wear this to a major event.

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Grigor Dimitrov enjoyed wearing a "fun" tracksuit at the 2020 Australian Open. Photo Credit: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
What’s the worst fashion mistake you’ve made?
Once I had a shoot many years ago, I still have some pictures. I’m not going to say for who, what and where, but I had one of the most horrendous outfits I’ve ever had to be taken pictures with. I think that was very disturbing.

At the time I didn’t think to that extent and I thought I’d get it over with and I’m just going to do what I have to do. But I would never wear this again. There were so many different colours and nothing was matching with the other and I had all of a sudden a blue blazer with yellow pants and a green tie. I painted a picture for you. Here and there to do this once, it’s fine. But not for a shoot.