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Novak Djokovic's son, Stefan, watches on with mother, Jelena, as the Serbian lifts his fourth Wimbledon title on Sunday.

'Daddy! Daddy!': Djokovic's Favourite Wimbledon Shout

Serbian celebrates fourth Wimbledon title with Stefan and family

The grass tasted sweet, again, and hoisting your 13th Grand Slam trophy can't be a bad feeling, either. But the best part about Novak Djokovic winning his fourth Wimbledon title against Kevin Anderson on Sunday? The shouts he heard from his box as he prepared for his on-court interview.

“Daddy! Daddy!” shouted his son Stefan, sitting in his mother Jelena's arms.

It was the first time Stefan had taken part in “Daddy's” celebration at SW19. Stefan, 3, was born on 21 October 2014 and was only eight months old when Djokovic won his last Wimbledon title in 2015.

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“It feels amazing because for the first time in my life I have someone screaming 'Daddy! Daddy!'” Djokovic said on court.

The Serbian had been trying to practise with Stefan earlier in the fortnight, feeding balls to the 3-year-old. "He was by far the best sparring partner I had in last couple of weeks!" Djokovic said.

Stefan participated in only the celebratory part of the final. Children under 5 are not allowed on the show courts at Wimbledon. Later, Djokovic, while talking with reporters, elaborated on seeing his son in the stands.

“It's really hard to compare this year's victory and trophy with any of the other three [at Wimbledon] because they're all special. But if I can pick one, that would be probably the first one and this year's winning because my son was at the trophy ceremony, which made it extra special,” Djokovic said.

“I was visualising, imagining this moment of him coming to the stands, cherishing this moment with my wife and me and everyone. It's hard to describe. I mean, I never had him in the box watching the tennis match. I was hoping that Wimbledon can be that tournament because he's big enough now, I think, to stay quiet maybe for 30 minutes or so. Maybe...

“There are special rules here so we have to respect them. He's under 5 years old, and you're not allowed if under 5 to be present. Roger I think had his girls and his boys as well I think last year and the years that he won at the trophy ceremony, so I was hoping I can have Stefan, too.

“He was not there till the very moment when I was walking to get an interview. He walked in. So that was just a moment that I will carry inside of my heart forever.”

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