Video Review Confirms Not-Up Call In Djokovic-Zverev Match

The technology is being used at the Nitto ATP Finals for the first time

Video Review was used at the Nitto ATP Finals on Friday to verify a not-up call against 2018 champion Alexander Zverev.

The German was leading World No. 1 Novak Djokovic 6-5 in the second set when the Serbian hit a backhand drop shot. Zverev rushed forward and stretched to scrape up a low forehand, but chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani ruled that the ball had bounced twice.

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Zverev, believing he had gotten to the ball on one bounce, requested a Video Review. After about a minute, Lahyani confirmed his call, and Djokovic won the point.

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This is the first year that Video Review has been used at the Nitto ATP Finals, but it has previously been used at the Next Gen ATP Finals and the ATP Cup. Players are able to request Video Review for suspected not-ups, foul shots, touches and other reviewable calls. The tournament is also utilising Electronic Line-Calling for the first time.

Djokovic won the match 6-3, 7-6(4) to earn his spot in the semi-finals of the season finale. Zverev was eliminated.