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Ivan Dodig hits a no-look spinorama lob for a winner. It was confirmed by video review that Dodig did not contact the ball with his hand.

Dodig's Brilliant No-Look Spinorama Lob Confirmed By Video Review

The Polish challenged whether the ball touched Dodig's hand

Croat Ivan Dodig hit an incredible no-look spinorama pick-up lob for a winner against Poland that was confirmed by video review on Monday in Sydney at the ATP Cup.

With Dodig and Nikola Mektic leading 6-2, 3-0, Poland’s Hubert Hurkacz hit a high backhand volley crosscourt at Dodig’s backhand side. The Croat spun to his right and reached out his racquet, somehow sending the ball over Hurkacz and Lukasz Kubot’s heads, with the ball landing just inside the baseline.

The Polish duo challenged whether the ball hit Dodig’s hand as he spun, which would have given them the point.

Using video review to look back at the footage and sound, chair umpire John Blom decided that there was not enough proof that the ball touched Dodig. For Blom to change the decision, he would need conclusive evidence that there was a touch.

“It was very tough even for me to feel if I touched, because I didn't hit it with [my] hand, because I would say if I hit it with my hand. I hit something with the grip, but I felt a vibration, maybe. It's tough,” Dodig said. “The point, it's happened once in the lifetime… when I hit it it was kind of a lob on the line. It [was the] best possible scenario.

“[It] was a nice point. Obviously I would say for now the best one we had. But it's always nice to have those kind of points from time to time. I’ve had many nice points, but this is one of the best I’ve had.”

Dodig and Mektic won the match 6-2, 6-1 to give Croatia a 2-1 win against Poland.