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Brit Kyle Edmund celebrates a first-round win at Roland Garros.

ATP Firsts: Kyle Edmund

What the Brit thought the first time he hit with Rafa...

Brit Kyle Edmund, who will face Argentine Renzo Olivo in the second round at Roland Garros, tells ATPWorldTour.com the most important lesson his first coach taught him and why he prefers dogs over rabbits as family pets.

First moment I realised I loved tennis
Probably when I was 11 or 12. I took it more seriously and obviously chose tennis. I think because it was more of an individual game. You have more complete control over what you do. If you think you're good at it, it probably helps as well.

First coach and the most important lesson he or she taught me
Richard Plews... He's just all about work ethic. Being professional. Giving yourself the best possible chance of competing. Work ethic was something he stressed to us even when we were at a young age. It wasn't like he put pressure on us, but he was like, if you're going to do it, do it properly.

First pinch-me moment on the ATP World Tour
When I was 15 or 16, I hit with Andy for the first time, Rafa at Wimbledon and Roger as well. When you're on court with them, you're like, “Wow”. You can't really believe you're actually sharing the same court with them and the ball they're hitting is actually coming towards you. I remember being nervous, and just thinking, “I can't believe I'm doing this.”

The other time was probably when I got my first wild card into Wimbledon, my home tournament... It was like, “Oh, now you're playing at Wimbledon. It didn't feel so long ago you were just playing at a local club”... You're having to get on with it without trying to think too much about what's going on.

[Hitting against Rafa]... He just crunches the ball so hard, and I was a skinny, lanky, little 16 year old.

First time I was recognised?
Saint Genevieve, France. It was a 14-and-under Tennis Europe event. I think I was either 13 or 14. I played a French guy in the semis, and I was up in the match and he ended up coming back. But as he was coming back, the crowd was getting louder and louder.

At that age, it must have been my first crowd, a new experience for me, and I just remember being very sad and disappointed because I lost the match. While everyone was just cheering, a little kid came up to me and asked me for my autograph. And that was the first time somebody came up to me and asked me for my autograph.

He must have been 7 or 8, with his mum. He came up to me with that big tennis ball. It was just nice. All of the French were just shouting over this player who had just beaten me... I'll always remember that.

First celebrity crush
Cameron Diaz. I can't remember what film she was in... I just remember being quite young, and she looked good in the film.

My first pet
Me and my sister, when we were really young, did own a goldfish each. But it died rather quickly. Our first proper family pet, we had a pet bunny but it was more my sister's. She wanted it. It was cute but I didn't really do much with it. That was called George.

But now we've got a family dog, a Jack Russell, called Mylo (8 years old). And we all love him. He's great. He's pretty cheeky but he's the first proper pet. Because rabbits, you can't do anything with them. They just go outside and eat the grass all day and just sleep. But dogs, they're more fun... He's very easy to maintain... It's quite nice to go on walks with him... He's really easy and he's always pretty lively and he's fun. He's very tame. You can touch him and he's always licking you.

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