Emirates ATP Kids Hub: Take Our Player, Tournament Geography Quizzes

If you follow the ATP Tour, you know our players and tournaments are spread across the globe. So it pays to know your geography!

Hey Kids,

If you're stuck inside and looking for something fun and educational to do, we've got you covered!

We want you to put your knowledge of your favourite players, tournaments and their home countries to the test.

We've got two fun assignments for you to download.

Know Your Players (PDF) challenges you to list the home countries of 50 players and the capital city of those countries. (Tip: You can use the player profile pages on ATPTour.com to get lots of great info on the players.)

Know Your Tournaments (PDF) challenges you to identify all the countries where ATP Tour tournaments are played... and the capital cities of those countries. (Tip: You can use the calendar page on ATPTour.com to get information on the 64 tournaments that comprise the ATP Tour.)

For more activities, visit the Emirates ATP Kids Hub

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