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¿Viendo doble? Federer, y su emoji, son todo sonrisa.

Federer's New Way Of Connecting With Fans: Emoji T-shirts

His fans also have a new way to express their support

Fans have long worn T-shirts with Roger Federer's face and initials on them. Now they can wear T-shirts that show off Federer's emojis, too.

Available today, the white T-shirts show Federer going about his life – traveling, playing tennis and sometimes doing both – all while smiling, of course. He and Mirka's four children – Myla, Charlene, Leo and Lenny – also make an appearance in emoji form on a T-shirt.

“Emojis are a playful way for me to interact with my fans," Federer said, according to SI.com. “These shirts are a really fun way of getting the world of social media into tennis and vice versa. And I'm in the middle of it. I think it's really interesting and fun because I'm all about connecting to the fans.”

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