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Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal lead active players in win-rate against opponents in the Top 10 of the ATP Rankings.

The Trio That Dominates The Top 10

The FedEx ATP Performance Zone reveals who performs the best against the sport's elite stars

To be the best, you have to beat the best. And it’s safe to say that Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have done plenty of that throughout their careers.

According to the FedEx ATP Performance Zone, not only is the tremendous trio far and away better than any other active player against the Top 10 of the ATP Rankings, but they are right at the top of key all-time lists. Swedish legend Bjorn Borg won 70.3 per cent of his matches against the elite group, the best rate of any player in history. But Djokovic, Federer and Nadal are right behind.

Recent Wimbledon champion Djokovic is second all-time with a 67.4 per cent win-rate (184-89), Federer is third by triumphing 65.8 per cent (214-111) of the time against the Top 10 and Nadal is fourth at 65.6 per cent (160-84).

Best Winning Percentage vs. Top 10 In History

 Player  Record  Winning Percentage
 1. Bjorn Borg  64-27  70.3%
 2. Novak Djokovic  184-89  67.4%
 3. Roger Federer  214-111  65.8%
 4. Rafael Nadal  160-84  65.6%
 5. Boris Becker  121-65  65.1%

Perhaps what is most impressive is that only four other active players are in the Top 50 on the all-time list. Andy Murray, who has won 45 tour-level titles, is ninth, having won 55.2 per cent of his matches against the top tier of competition on the ATP World Tour. Alexander Zverev is 24th (42.9%), Juan Martin del Potro is 34th (40.6%) and Kei Nishikori is 50th (37.6%).

In terms of overall victories against players inside the Top 10, Federer, Djokovic and Nadal have separated themselves from some of the best competitors in tennis history. Federer has 214 triumphs to top the all-time list, Djokovic is second with 184 wins and Nadal is third with 160 victories. Ivan Lendl (129) and Pete Sampras (124), both former World No. 1s, round out the Top 5. 

Most Top 10 Wins, All-Time

 Player  Wins  Player  Wins
 1. Roger Federer  214  6. Boris Becker  121
 2. Novak Djokovic  184  7. Andre Agassi  109
 3. Rafael Nadal  160  8. Andy Murray  101
 4. Ivan Lendl  129  9. Stefan Edberg  98
 5. Pete Sampras  124  10. John McEnroe  91

Current Top 10's Career Win-Rate Against The Top 10 

 Player  Wins  Player  Wins
 1. Novak Djokovic (No. 10)  67.4%  6. Dominic Thiem (No. 8)  31.0%
 2. Roger Federer (No. 2)  65.8%  7. Grigor Dimitrov (No. 6)  30.3%
 3. Rafael Nadal (No. 1)  65.6%  8. John Isner (No. 9)  30.0%
 4. Alexander Zverev (No. 3)  42.9%  9. Marin Cilic (No. 7)  28.4%
 5. Juan Martin del Potro (No. 4)  40.6%  10. Kevin Anderson (No. 5)  19.2%

Did You Know?
- Djokovic has clinched 48 of his 69 tour-level titles by defeating a Top 10 opponent in the championship match, winning 64.0 per cent of his finals (48-27) against members of that elite group. 

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