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FedEx ATP Rankings points earned at Cincinnati this year will be added and dropped per traditional methodology.

Cincinnati Marks Beginning Of 'Return To Normal' For FedEx ATP Rankings Logic

Points earned at all events after Cincinnati will be treated in the same manner

For the first time since the ATP Tour resumed from its pandemic suspension in August 2020, FedEx ATP Rankings points will be added and dropped per traditional methodology beginning 23 August (the rankings after the 2021 Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati).

A player’s current Western & Southern Open ATP Ranking points will drop 23 August, 2021 and be replaced with points earned by the player at this year’s Western & Southern Open (played 15-22 August). Those new points will stay on a player’s breakdown for 52 weeks, dropping 22 August, 2022. As well, players who currently have Western & Southern Open points in their breakdown and do not compete in this year’s event will also have their existing Cincinnati ranking points drop on 23 August.

Points earned at all events after Cincinnati will be treated in the same manner.

In contrast, results from tournaments held up to and including the National Bank Open Presented by Rogers in Toronto (9-15 August), remain subject to the pandemic-related 'Best Of' logic (outlined in detail below).

As of 15 August, 2022, all pandemic-related adjustments will cease and the traditional 52-week rolling ranking methodology will be fully restored.

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“Best Of” Logic
The FedEx ATP Rankings are in a “Best Of” system that extends through and including the week of 9 August, 2021. The “Best Of” ranking system adds events as per normal, except for when a player has two scores from the same tour-level event. In this situation, the player will only count the better of his two results in his rankings breakdown.

Events that occurred between 4 March, 2019 and 12 August, 2019 were extended for a further 52 weeks, or until the event is played in 2022 (max 156 weeks) and weighted at 50 per cent for the final 52 weeks. As exceptions, 2019 events in Rome, at Roland Garros, Kitzbühel and Hamburg are not extended an additional 52 weeks as the 2020 editions were played. Because of this, the 2020 scores from these events are to be extended for an additional 52 weeks, or until the event is played in 2022, and weighted at 50 per cent.

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