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Team Germany is ensuring that time spent off the court together is as memorable as their ATP Cup performances on the court.

Arcade Fun & Plenty Of Banter Uniting Team Germany

Germany beat Canada in its first Group A tie Wednesday

The ATP Cup is not only about world-class tennis, played out in tense and electric atmospheres, but it’s also about team bonding on and off the court.

The German squad, who beat Canada 2-1 in its first Group A tie on Wednesday, has shown what a close group they are – showcasing their emotions in the courtside Team Zone or witnessing captain Mischa Zverev’s nerves.

But off the court, Alexander Zverev, Jan-Lennard Struff, Kevin Krawietz, Andreas Mies and Mischa Zverev have also been having fun each day playing video racing games in a Melbourne arcade.

So who came out on top? It is a moot point. After some banter back and forth in their post-tie press conference, Mischa Zverev said the real winner was him, although he didn’t play!

Alexander Zverev piped up, saying, “I'm unbeaten in those games, just so we have that very clear. I'm still unbeaten. And that's a daily thing kind of. We play Mario Kart about 20 times until we leave and go to sleep… It's a lot of fun!”

Captain Mischa Zverev found he got quite expressive in his support on Wednesday when Jan-Lennard Struff edged past Milos Raonic of Canada 7-6(4), 7-6(2).

“When he plays I get very emotional,” said Zverev. “I think you can see it…. I don't mind showing my emotions, my expressions. It's great because Jan’s someone that likes to look at the box. He has some kind of communication, and it's fun to like be part of whatever is happening.

“When you win, everything is just so much more fun, and luckily today was a very good day. In the end the result is one thing, I think it's very important that we leave this week even better friends, like as a stronger item, as a strong team, and we look forward to whatever is in the future.”

Alexander Zverev added, “You're not only competing for yourself. I told the guys before we stepped on court, you play for each other. You play for your nation. You play for each other. Every team member here is equally as important. Doesn't matter who's on the court. And I think that's what makes it special and that's what makes you want to fight even harder than you do in regular tournaments.

“Last year we went out in the group stages, this year we definitely want to make it past that.” Germany takes on defending champion Serbia in its second Group A tie on Thursday.