Khachanov, Donaldson, Fritz Visit Chengdu Pandas

Young talent make some cuddly friends

Three #NextGenATP players, Karen Khachanov, Jared Donaldson and Taylor Fritz, all visited the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

The trio, who are competing at the Chengdu Open, saw giant baby and red pandas during their morning trip and were definitely smitten by the cuddly animals, especially Donaldson, who came prepared with a variety of panda trivia.

“Did you know that China owns the rights to every panda in the world, except two? Those two are in Mexico,” said Donaldson. “My mum would be very happy that I got this opportunity to go out and see the pandas.”

Fritz said, “We got to see all kinds of pandas and it’s really cool to see what Chengdu is famous for. We travel so much, so we need to be able to go out and explore a bit.”

Khachanov said, “I really enjoyed this trip, it’s nice to see something outside of the tournament and spend some time with the locals and off the court. We’re really thankful for this. The panda is my favourite animal now!”

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