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Laslo Djere is a big fan of former NBA superstar Dwyane Wade.

The Last Time With... Laslo Djere

The Serbian will play for his third ATP Tour title on Sunday in Cagliari

Laslo Djere will try to win his third ATP Tour title on Sunday when he plays Lorenzo Sonego in the final of the Sardegna Open in Cagliari.

If the Serbian triumphs, it will be the third consecutive year in which he has earned tour-level glory. The World No. 57 said that he doesn’t have any specific goals.

“I don't make strict goals so that I tell myself, 'I want to do this and this this year [I want to do that],'” Djere said. “But I have in my mind an idea of the things which would [make] me happy and satisfied and fulfilled.”

It’s safe to say lifting another trophy would fit into those categories. ATPTour.com recently caught up with the 25-year-old, who revealed the last time…

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I missed a flight?
Actually I missed once 2016, but it was in transit and our first flight was late, so that's why. But otherwise, I've never missed a flight because I got late to the airport or something like that. I don’t get to the airport too early, but one and a half to two hours, probably. 

I lost something important?
I got a bracelet from my girlfriend last month, and so far I can't find it. She knows, I've had it for a while. It's not that I just lost it immediately.

I went to a sports event that was not tennis?
In 2019 [I went] to a basketball game in Serbia. It was I think February. I didn't go [to games] so much but once in a while I go and I like it. Unfortunately I don't have the time to do it on a regular basis.

My favourite player was Dwyane Wade, so I supported the team where he was playing so for 10 or so years it was Miami Heat. I liked the way he was playing his game, how he handled the tough moments, the clutch moments and shots and how he was behaving. He was a fighter and you could see that fire inside of him. I really liked that kind of mentality and everything. Now I support LeBron James and the Lakers.

I achieved a big goal?
Last year winning Sardinia, it was my second ATP Tour title. But for something I did for the first time it was, I have to say, winning Rio - my first ATP title - breaking into maybe the Top 40. I was No. 37 after that tournament, so that was quite big for me.

I cooked for myself or someone else?
I do from time to time, but I'm not sure if I did it when I was at home before [travelling to] Argentina [in March]. Maybe I did an omelette or something like that for breakfast but nothing complicated. I mean I cook sometimes, dinner or something like that, but it's not really that I really like it. But I really like to bake: some apple pie or brownies or cookies or some cheesecake, some things like that.

I met a childhood idol?
I can't really remember. I mean when I was a kid maybe some tennis players that were my idols but I met them a long time ago I guess. Someone like Novak, I met him when I was a child. First I guess I saw him playing in the Davis Cup and that was also good for me and exciting. I can't remember [the details] because I was really small and really young, but for sure it motivated me.

I paid to rent a tennis court?
Maybe during the off-season, balls, all the time except during tournaments. Back home I buy my balls. [People in Serbia recognize me], but sometimes I practise in private clubs so I have to pay for the courts as well.

Being a tennis player helped me?
Maybe in Australia. Before our flight back home, one of the Serbian guys, Nikola Cacic, helped us — me and my physio — with my luggage because we were overweight with out bags, so we put some stuff in Nikola's bag.

I strung a tennis racquet?
I don't know how to string them, so never. I don't really have the desire to try. 

I asked someone for a selfie?
I was at a wedding and my friend was getting married and I asked him to take a selfie.

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