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Stefanos Tsitsipas is handy in the kitchen, but not so much in front of a stringing machine.

The Last Time... With Stefanos Tsitsipas

The Greek star reveals the last time...

I missed a flight
I never miss flights. I am always on time. My dad organizes everything for me and he tries to be on time. I just do what he tells me.

I lost something important
I lost my credential to the Citi Open (Washington, D.C.) so I had to replace it. They were happy to make a new one for me.

I forgot an important birthday or anniversary
My brother’s birthday [in late July]. We woke up and had breakfast together. I looked at the date on my phone and said ‘Oh, it’s your birthday today, Happy Birthday!’ Thank God I didn’t miss the whole day. I actually bought him a gift earlier and gave it to him before his birthday. There were no more gifts on the birthday!

I paid money to rent a tennis court
Ooh, I always play for free. I know… it was in Greece at a local club near my house. It was right after the French Open. I also bought grass-court balls to prepare for the grass season.

I took advantage of a perk
I had a free stay at a hotel for five days on the island of Corfu, in the north-west of Greece. It’s very popular with British and Italian people. A friend had really good contacts and arranged this for me. I had a suite with a private pool and jacuzzi. My brother had a room next to mine. I’ve never had such a good time on vacation. The suites cost $2,500 each and I got them for free. It was a brand new hotel and we were the first people to stay there. I’m very thankful for that.

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I strung a tennis racquet
Never. The only part I know how to do is to give the racquet to the stringer. In an emergency situation it would be helpful to know how to do it. We’ll get there!

I cooked for myself or someone else
Back at home. A Greek salad and then I baked a chocolate cake. I was really into it that day… I felt I wanted to cook that day. I baked an entire chocolate cake by myself and it was delicious.

I went to a concert
Unfortunately, I have never been to a concert. I’ve never had time. But I’m excited to go to one. I heard that Federer went to Coldplay last year in Canada. I would love to go to one. I love Coldplay and their songs.

I had a travel drama
We flew into Paris but then missed our train to another city because the taxi got caught in very bad traffic and it took us 2 ½ hours to get to the train station. We stayed overnight and went the next morning. We were super tired and exhausted from the trip.

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