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Former World No. 1 gave young tennis players life advice in a special call with the Duchess of Cambridge.

This Was Murray's Life Advice To Kids On Call With Duchess Of Cambridge...

Former World No. 1 spoke to young tennis players from Bond Primary School

Young tennis players from Bond Primary School in South London recently got a memorable surprise, speaking to two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray and The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Middleton introduced Murray, who gave the kids life advice they won’t soon forget.

“[The] most important thing is to have fun,” Murray said. “If you’re enjoying doing it, you’ll get more out of your lessons and your practising. Listening to your coach is very important.”

Murray is a natural competitor, but he advised the students to keep tennis in perspective.

“Try really hard in [your matches], but winning and losing isn’t the most important thing,” Murray said. “Enjoying playing a sport and being active is the most important thing.”

Murray has openly acknowledged how much he has simply enjoyed playing the sport he loves since undergoing hip surgery after last year’s Australian Open.

“I have come back from quite a lot of difficult situations, especially recently with injuries and things,” Murray said. “Even when I was in difficult situations or struggling physically or mentally, I just always kept going forwards. It’s always important in those moments, I’ve been very fortunate to have good family around me and friends to talk to and help me through the difficult moments. You’re definitely going to have setbacks. Everybody does [have] difficult moments in your life, but you need to try and keep moving forwards, keep working hard.”

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Murray has enjoyed the extra time he has had with his family due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I started to find it a bit harder [around the six-week mark of quarantine] to find things to do for the kids, to stay creative with ideas and games for them to enjoy,” Murray said. “We were doing home schooling, which is difficult as well. It was difficult, but I at times really enjoyed it as well.”

The former World No. 1 says he didn’t play tennis for about 10 weeks. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t kept busy.

“I tried to stay in shape as much as I could. I did a lot of cycling. I was going out on my road bike, which I’d never done before. That was something that was new that I enjoyed during lockdown,” Murray said. “I stayed in reasonable shape. It’s quite important during these times to stay as active as you can, because it’s good for the mind as well, for the mental health.”

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