Murray & Rashford Praise Female Athletes

The British stars appeared on Tennis United

Former World No. 1 Andy Murray and Manchester United star Marcus Rashford recently surprised a British healthcare hero on Tennis United, discussing the differences between tennis and football. Perhaps most importantly, they shared their admiration for female athletes.

“I think in tennis we’re pretty lucky. The men and women are competing at the same venues all of the time and… at the biggest events. I think that’s one of the things that makes us unique and special as a sport,” Murray said. “We’ve got the men and women competing on the same courts at the same tournaments for the same prize money, and I think that’s quite attractive for fans of tennis.”

ATP Coach Programme

Murray is a big football fan, and just like he loves watching women’s tennis, he’s enjoyed following women’s football, too.

“I think in football it’s certainly improving as well. There’s a lot more visibility around the women’s game and I know the World Cup was great for that,” Murray said. “Hopefully it keeps pushing forward.”

Watch Live

Rashford was able to watch bits of last year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup. The Brit was impressed, but by no means surprised.

“It’s always entertaining for me especially because growing up I used to play street football. All of the time me and my friends would play anywhere. We used to play in abandoned houses, abandoned car parks and there used to be 15 or 20 of us who would go. Other than me the other best player was a female,” Rashford said. “She used to play every single type of street football that we used to do. I’ve always been interested in watching that and trying to follow people’s journeys and stuff like that.

“I think it’s important that that keeps trying to rise and more people should watch it.”

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