Rafael Nadal is the subject of a 60 Minutes feature with Jon Wertheim.

Nadal To Feature On 60 Minutes

Spaniard discusses doubts, intensity during US interview

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal will be featured on CBS's flagship magazine television programme 60 Minutes in the United States on Sunday (7pm ET/PT).

Below is a look at what fans can expect to see following this rare extended interview with 60 Minutes reporter and leading tennis writer and commentator Jon Wertheim...

How does the world's No. 1-ranked tennis player stay on top? He practises intensely every morning, even at home on a break from the tennis season.

Intensity is not the first word that comes to mind on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca, where Nadal grew up and still lives. Nonetheless, Jon Wertheim finds a focussed player who tells him that a key to his remarkable and enduring success is the doubt he has in his mind and the way it keeps him sharp. Wertheim's story on Nadal will be broadcast on 60 Minutes Sunday, January 12, at 7pm ET/PT on CBS.

Nadal has been a Top 10 player on the ATP Tour since he was a teenager and today, at 33, he has won 19 Grand Slam tournaments, just one behind the men's record held by his older rival, Roger Federer. He has closed out the season as the No. 1 player five times.

Most players use the five weeks of tennis' off-season to rest up. It's a nice break in a beautiful place, but Nadal practices each morning in Mallorca. 60 Minutes cameras were allowed in for a rare look at Nadal's practice session. They capture him being peppered with shots by his two coaches at the same time. Nadal pounded back with the same determination and force he would use in a Wimbledon final.

"I am a very intense person with a lot of energy. I live life and sports at maximum intensity. This is how I feel it," he tells Wertheim, who has been covering him on the Tour for 15 years.

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