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Alejandro Davidovich Fokina is an alumnus of the Intesa Sanpaolo Next Gen ATP Finals.

Next Stop - Nomadic Life With... Alejandro Davidovich Fokina

Learn about the Spaniard's life on the ATP Tour

Alejandro Davidovich Fokina is one of Spain's brightest young talents on the ATP Tour. The 22-year-old, who competed in the 2019 Intesa Sanpaolo Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan, has already climbed as high as No. 32 in the ATP Rankings.

ATP Tour.com caught up with Davidovich Fokina, who defeated Novak Djokovic in the second round of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, to chat about his life on Tour, the time a friend flew tennis shoes across the world for him, how he deals with jetlag — hint, there is a lot of coffee involved — and more.

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When you pack for a trip, outside of tennis gear, what are things you always have to bring with you?
My headphones because I love to hear music in the plane or at the airport. Most of the time I forget things, then they have to bring them to me after, like at the US Open [lat year] I forgot my t-shirt. In Australia [three years ago], I forgot my shoes. So… my headphones and my clothes!

What happened in Australia? How did you get the shoes?
A friend of ours came to Australia with like five pairs of shoes. We called him, and he came the day after, but he enjoyed it. He enjoyed Australia!

Have you ever travelled to a tournament because you wanted to see the city, or you just pick because of the tennis?
Because of tennis. The calendar that we have, it’s so simple and we have to pick which one is better for us and for me to play, and that’s it.

What’s your favourite city to visit for a tournament?
I love Brisbane in Australia. I love it. When I went there was like an artificial beach in the middle of the city and I loved that.

Where’s your favourite place to go on vacation?
I want to go to Mexico, I’ve never been there. They told me that it’s a very good [place]. I went last year or two years ago to Punta Cana, and the beach and parties and everything there were so good.

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As a player you have a lot of long flights. Is there anything you do to take care of your body, maybe after the flight or during the flight?
Most of the tournaments we bring a physio, and he takes care of me before the match, after the match, and of course the physios from the tournament are very good, too. I take of myself every day.

How do you get comfortable on the plane?
We started travelling when I was 10, 11 years old, so for me being in the airport is like my second home. In the plane if I put my headphones in and listen to music or watch series, most of the time that’s it. It’s like a routine.

You get to the airport early or just on time?
Depends on my coach, and when he picks me up!

So it doesn’t matter to you?
No, I want to be two hours early at the airport to make sure I can make it.

You’ve never missed a flight?
No, never.

How do you deal with jetlag?
When we went to Indian Wells, and we came back after only one week there, it was too tough. It was like nine hours’ time difference and when we came back to Spain, I was dead. I needed four or five days to be in rhythm again in Spain.

Davidovich Fokina
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How do you try to get rid of the jetlag? Just stay up and not sleep?
For example, when I came back from Indian Wells, I drank five coffees because I wanted to stay up and not sleep in the day. I went with my friends outside to have a coffee and talk, because if I stayed at home I was going to sleep for sure.

A lot of players have crazy travel stories. Do you have any?
No, fortunately we have had luck. I’ve never had any troubles.

When you’re on the road, how do you make yourself feel at home?
I keep talking with my friends, enjoying every moment with my team, when we are outside and to be more comfortable during the day, because it’s tough when you fly a lot of weeks and you’re away from home. You have to watch series or do things like you are at home when you are in the hotel.

When you sign up for tournaments, do you like trying new tournaments or ones you are used to already?
Depends on if I did well last year or not! For example, I love to play in Estoril because it was my first ATP tournament and I got to the semi-finals and I have good memories there, but I don’t care where I go. I want to play, enjoy every moment and that’s it.

How much fun is it for you getting to travel the world as a professional tennis player?
It’s very fun, I like what I do, I like this sport and I love to travel and enjoy every city where I’ve never been. I’m a little bit hyperactive, I want to do a lot of things when I am out, to go here or go there, so for me it’s a lot of fun.

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