Paul will look for his first ATP World Tour singles win this week at the Fayez Sarofim & Co. U.S. Men’s Clay Court Championship in Houston.

The 'Last Time' With Tommy Paul...

The 18 year old shares the last time he strung a tennis racquet

In Houston for the the Fayez Sarofim & Co. U.S. Men's Clay Court Championship, young American Tommy Paul shares the last time...

I missed a flight?
I don't think I've ever missed a flight. Flights have gotten cancelled and I've been stuck in crazy places but I don't think I've ever missed one yet. That's pretty good luck.

I lost something important?
I've definitely lost my phone. Definitely have lost my phone probably a couple times. It's been a while, probably two years ago... I think I left it at a pool somewhere, I'm not sure... I've definitely washed my phones in the washing machine a couple times, too.

I paid money to rent a tennis court or buy tennis balls?
While I was home (New Jersey) during the preseason (December). I went to this club near my house, and I had to rent out the courts.

Being famous helped me?
Nothing. Ha, ha. Nothing at all! I'm looking forward to my first time.

I strung a tennis racquet?
It's probably been two years. I used to string all my racquets until about two years ago and then I started just getting them strung, I broke way too many strings... I break strings probably every 40 minutes. Three or four a day... I learned how to string through people teaching me and YouTube videos. It's pretty simple... We had a little stringer machine. I'd get back from practice, string all my racquets. It was terrible. It was the worst... Back then it was two a day, once I started getting to three or four, I was like, no, I'm not doing this anymore.

I cooked for myself and others?
I am not a cook. The only time I can think of is a couple months ago. It was me and Reilly Opelka, and we were like, 'You know what? We're going to do this. We're going to cook ourselves. We're going to make pasta.' And we actually did it, and it wasn't that bad. So it was a success for us... Penne pasta with marinara sauce, I guess... We were in Boca Raton, it was like two months ago... We're more of restaurant eaters. We like going out to eat a lot.

I met a childhood idol?
Probably five months ago. I went to practice with (Andy) Roddick in Austin, Texas. He was definitely my childhood idol when I was younger. It was great to practise with him for a week... It was awesome. We didn't play sets. He would come out and hit with us. It was me and Mitchell Krueger. We were out there, and we were practising with him, doing two on ones.

I shared a hotel room with another player?
Three days ago. Ha, ha. No, two days ago with Reilly Opelka. We were sharing... saving money.

I asked someone famous for an autograph or selfie?
With Roger (Federer), a week ago, I asked him to take a picture... I was practising with him in Miami a week ago on the clay.

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