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Quiz: Identify Novak Djokovic's Grand Slam Final Foes

Outside of Nadal, Murray & Federer, who has Djokovic beaten in a major final?

Of Novak Djokovic’s 20 Grand Slam titles, 13 have come against his biggest rivals – Rafael Nadal (4), Andy Murray (5) and Roger Federer (4) – in the championship match.

Can you recall the seven other players he has beaten in a major final? In 2021 alone, the World No. 1 has overcome three different opponents to claim the title at the Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

As Djokovic looks to make history at the US Open, with a record-breaking 21st major title and the Grand Slam on the line, we put you to the test in this challenge.

Did You Know... Djokovic and Nadal both won their 20th Grand Slam titles at 34 years of age, respectively at 2021 Wimbledon and 2020 Roland Garros, while a 36-year-old Federer won his at the 2018 Australian Open. Comparing The Big 3's Slam Stats

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