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Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi has been helping fundraise and deliver ration bags to those in need in Pakistan during the coronavirus pandemic.

Qureshi Delivering For 1,000 Families In Pakistan

Qureshi helping those in need during coronavirus pandemic

Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi is making sure that Pakistan’s daily workers are not forgotten. Through his foundation Stop War Start Tennis, Qureshi has committed to financially supporting ration bags for 1,000 families that have been unable to work and earn their daily sustenance due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Each ration bag consists of flour, rice, oil, grains, tea, milk and soap, and can feed a family of five. One ration bag costs 3,500 rupees, or approximately $45. 3.5 million rupees have been raised for the cause, with Stop War Start Tennis contributing 1.5 million rupees to make sure those in need receive their groceries.


“I am very thankful that I am able to raise awareness and donations to this most important cause,” Qureshi said. “I thank the ATP Tour for giving me a platform to voice these important efforts and the RIZQ Foundation for being the link between the needy and those that can afford to help in these difficult times.”

Qureshi has been going door to door to Lahore’s most needy citizens delivering the ration bags. Qureshi teamed up with Pakistan’s RIZQ Foundation a, “people-powered movement united to end hunger”. Qureshi has provided updates on social media, saying that 500 ration bags have already been delivered.

“Our doctors, nurses, medical staff, army, rangers, security forces, police, media [are] working as a frontline to fight against the coronavirus pandemic and trying to keep us all safe from this virus,” Qureshi wrote on Instagram. “We as a nation all have to work together as a backline to help the needy, poor, daily wagers, and make sure nobody goes hungry during these tough times.”

Qureshi's Stop War Start Tennis has received multiple ATP ACES For Charity grants, and twice he has been honoured as Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year, sharing the recognition with Amir Hadad in 2002 and Rohan Bopanna in 2010.

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- Reporting contributed by Robert Davis