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Andy Roddick claimed victory in his last tour-level meeting with Roger Federer in 2012 in Miami.

Roddick On Federer: 'He's Lucky I Retired'

American and Swiss trade praise of careers in Melbourne

“I beat him the last time. He's lucky I retired,” Andy Roddick joked in Melbourne on Monday during a press conference to promote his induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. The former World No. 1 was referring to Roger Federer, whom he defeated in three sets at the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 in Miami in 2012, their last tour-level meeting.

When told in press what Roddick said, the Swiss replied: “We joke a lot, the two of us… If I'm not wrong, he won the last match we played against each other and I won the first, so everything in between is a blur.”

That blur included some very memorable clashes. Federer maintains a winning record against Roddick (21-3), but the American still takes it in stride.

“It's weird because you share history with someone,” the 34-year-old said. “It becomes a part of your definition for a long time. I'm happy that a part of my definition is as respectful, as classy and as good of a human as Roger. It would be tougher for me to hear if the person that ruined me on court for a decade didn't have the moral fiber of someone like Roger.”

While Roddick prepares to be cemented in Hall of Fame history this summer, Federer continues to battle on the tennis court, reaching the semi-finals of the Australian Open Monday evening.

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“What Roger's doing and maintaining at 35 years old... I know everyone talks about it,” said Roddick. “Everyone here is going to talk about it in every story they write for the rest of this tournament, and I still don't know if that's enough. It's pretty amazing.”

Federer returned the praise, on Twitter as well as in his post-match press conference.

“I'm very psyched for him. I think Andy's a great guy, enormous tennis player,” said Federer. “So well-deserved. I'm always happy to see old friends that I can even call 'Hall of Famers' now. It's very cool for him. I'm super happy.”

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