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Roger Federer made time to congratulate Lindsey Vonn on her career.

Federer Surprises Lindsey Vonn With Retirement Congrats

Greatness recognises greatness

Alpine skiing great Lindsey Vonn finished her legendary career on Sunday, and awaiting her at the bottom of the slope was a message from another sporting legend, her friend Roger Federer.

The 99-time tour-level titlist had previously recorded a spot with RTS Sport, Radio Television Suisse, and when Vonn finished her final run – which earned her a bronze medal – at the Are ski resort in Sweden, she was handed a phone with Federer's face greeting her.

“Roger!” she shouted. “Oh, shut up!”

Watch Federer Congratulate Vonn

Hey, Lindsey, it's me. Many, many congratulations on a wonderful career. I know you tried everything the last few months to get ready. I was thinking of you. I was watching you,” Federer said.

I saw the fall, as well, in the super-G a few days ago. I was really feeling sorry. I was sitting there with my children and hoping for you. So I just wanted to say, well done. You can be so, so proud.

And I hope you enjoy this moment even though it might be a little bit sad for you right now. Take care, bye, bye.”

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Federer's clip ended but Vonn's elation continued. “Rog,” she said, looking at the television camera. “You're the best, man!”

Then she made plans to see Federer go for his 21st Grand Slam title at Wimbledon and ski with his children.

I'm going to come to Wimbledon so I want to see a good performance out of you, and [I] look forward to now being able to ski with your children. It's going to be great,” she said. “I love ya. Thank you.”

Vonn is regarded as one of the best all-time Alpine skiiers. The American won an Olympic gold medal, two bronze medals, two World Championship gold medals, and four overall World Cup titles.

Federer is scheduled to appear to tour-level action at the season's first ATP Masters 1000, the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, which starts 7 March.

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