Schwartzman shares the last time he cooked for himself and the last time he strung a tennis racquet.

The 'Last Time' With Diego Schwartzman

Argentine shares the last time he lost his keys and how much it cost him

Diego Schwartzman shares the last time...

I missed a flight?
The last time I missed a flight was in Chile, Santiago, Chile, 2011. I was alone... I was supposed to go to see (house music DJ) Bob Sinclar and then I missed my flight. I stayed longer than I needed to and I missed my flight to come back to (Buenos Aires).

I lost something important?
One month ago, I forgot the key inside my car... I put my shoes in the trunk, and I forgot I had put my keys in my shoes... Then I needed to call a service, and they came two hours later, and it was a problem... Because I needed to pay a lot of money for them to open the trunk and the car. And then I took the key and left... It cost around $1,000. Yeah, it was too much. Argentina is not cheap.

I paid money to rent a tennis court or buy tennis balls?
Sometimes when it's raining in Buenos Aires, you need to pay for the indoor courts... We don't have many indoor clay courts in Argentina... The balls, I think my coach pays but I don't know the price... Indoor courts in Argentina? Ten. In the winter, it's really tough to play outdoors because it rains a lot.

Being famous helped me?
Sometimes that happens in Buenos Aires. I see people around my age... The boys always say, "Oh, he's Diego Schwartzman." I am Jewish and in Argentina, we have many Jewish (people) there, and all the people there know me...(They say), “Enjoy! Good luck this season. Come on, keep going!”

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I strung a tennis racquet?
Never... I tried but it's too difficult... Six years ago. When I was playing Futures.... Now I go to the stringer (and say), "Here's my racquet. Do it, please."

I cooked for myself and others?
This year, many times in Miami, Melbourne... We rent an apartment. And I stay with my coach, my physio, and my friends, and I cook. I like to cook.

I met a childhood idol?
My idol is Juan Román Riquelme... a football player in Argentina... Never met him.

I shared a hotel room with another player?
One year or two years ago.

I asked someone famous for an autograph or selfie?
I take some selfies with the football players in Argentina... last year in November, December. I put it on my Instagram.

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