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ATP Tennis Podcast: Fritz Discusses Mentality, Tsitsipas On Grass Record

Draper looks back at his Wimbledon 2021 clash against Djokovic

This week on the ATP Tennis Podcast...

TAYLOR FRITZ ON WHY HE GIVES HIS COACHES FEEDBACK – “I want to tell the coach what I’m thinking in situations, why I did this, why I did that, because in my head it should give them a better understanding of why I’m hitting this shot, why I’m doing this in this moment, instead of them just telling me what to do. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I think my tennis IQ is very high and I just want to explain where I’m coming from. It’s really just a better understanding type of thing between us and not me being stubborn.”

TAYLOR FRITZ ON HIS ABILITY TO PLAY THROUGH INJURY - “I just feel that if I’m not injured to the point that I can’t walk out on court that I feel like I can play. It’s probably once of my best assets and biggest weaknesses is how stubborn I am and how I hate to pull out of tournaments and not play.”

MAXIME CRESSY ON MEDITATION – “When I was 18 years old a coach introduced me to it because he knew I had some anger or some issues with emotions and hard to control and that’s when I got introduced to the meditation world and it changed my life.”

JACK DRAPER ON PLAYING NOVAK DJOKOVIC AT WIMBLEDON 2021 – “That experience gave me a lot of different lessons and he exposed a lot of areas in my game, probably like he should do. He’s number one in the world, but that gave me a lot of things to work on and improve in the coming months and I think this year I’ve been able to put that into action, stay injury-free and the year is going pretty quick.”

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS ON HIS RELATIVE LACK OF GRASS COURT TENNIS – “I was thinking about it recently that I haven’t played that much, but it probably just shows how new I am to the Tour. We all know the grass season is not a very long season, In my opinion it should be longer, but absolutely I haven’t played that much and I’m looking forward to playing on it as much as I can.”

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS ON HIS ADIDAS SHOE – “My face is on the shoe, it is really cool. I use to wear Stan Smith shoes as a young kid and back in the day when I used to buy them I would never really think that in a thousand years I would be competing with him now or not even really competing, but trying to take over.”

DENIS SHAPOVALOV ON HIS RUN TO THE 2021 WIMBLEDON SEMI-FINALS – “I think everything just kind of clicked during this part of the season for me last year and I do think the grass really suits me and I think for a lefty with a lot of firepower it’s a difficult surface to play against me on, so it definitely adds to my game to play on this surface.”

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LINDSAY DAVENPORT WIMBLEDON MEMORIES – “The first time I went there I of course lost in the qualies and I remember I was pretty young, like 15 or 16 and I remember crying and then the next year I got into the main draw and I’ll never forget this, I was up 6-2, 5-1 and I couldn’t believe I was about to win a match and I ended up winning 10-8 in the third. You can’t put into words why it makes you feel like that.”

TIM HENMAN WIMBLEDON MEMORIES – “[In] 1997 I was playing Paul Haarhuis in the third round and when we came on court you know the Centre Court was absolutely packed and every shot I hit in the warm-up the crowd cheered and every shot he hit the crowd booed an in terms of atmosphere that was the best atmosphere I ever played in.”

DANI VALLVERDU ON THE ATP COACHING TRIAL – “It will be a soft approach but I think it’s the first step to introduce this coaching rule and I think it was well supported by the players and I think it’s important for the coaches to know that, so it was a joint decision between the coaches pushing for it and the players being quite open that it was something important to get done.”

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