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Mackenzie McDonald's TopCourt class emphasises the importance of getting into the correct position for a shot as early as possible.

TopCourt: McDonald’s Decision-Making Digest

TopCourt ambassador gives tips on reading an opponent’s ball

Mackenzie McDonald is not afraid of taking big decisions. On or off the court.

The 27-year-old American has established himself as a consistent performer on the ATP Tour since turning pro in 2016. A skilful and resourceful all-around talent, the World No. 77 has become adept at countering physically bigger, more powerful opponents with his adaptable counter-punching game.

Now a TopCourt ambassador, McDonald takes tennis fans back to where it all began, honing his rock-solid net game with his first coach, and explains how hard work on the practice court helped breed confidence in his ability when moving forward. The 2016 NCAA singles and doubles champion also reveals how his difficult decision to delay going pro and instead play college tennis at UCLA ultimately paid off, giving him perfect preparation for the rigours of life on the ATP Tour.

Technique: McDonald’s aggressive forehand is particularly effective at capitalising on attacking positions during a rally. The American demonstrates how he adapts his regular forehand technique for this unique shot, which is the perfect weapon to punish short balls from opponents and seal points from dominant situations.

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Drills: Shot selection is a key skill for players of all levels, and McDonald’s “Full Court Movement” drill focusses on how to recognise your opponent’s ball as early as possible. A top-class mover around the court himself, McDonald then showcases how to move efficiently towards the ball once you have identified the most appropriate shot to play.

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