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Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic dance to 'Night Fever' at the Champions' Dinner.

'Night Fever' With Novak & Serena

Wimbledon champs resurrect forgotten tradition at Champions' Dinner

Having tied his coach Boris Becker’s three Wimbledon crowns with victory over Roger Federer in Sunday’s final at The Championships, Novak Djokovic matched Becker again as he resurrected a Wimbledon myth at the Champions’ Dinner.

Upon hearing that Becker and Martina Navratilova were the last two Wimbledon champions to share a dance at the celebratory dinner in 1986, Djokovic suggested to All England Club Chairman, Philip Brook, and ladies’ singles champion, Serena Williams, that it was time to bring back the tradition.

The result? Boogying on down to ‘Night Fever’ at London’s Guildhall…

"There was no practice,” Djokovic told assembled media at the All England Club on Monday morning. “It's a tradition that has been a bit forgotten - I think the last year they had a dance between the two champions was 1986. I was very pleased, because Serena is a great dancer.

"I had been thinking more of a waltz or something. Something sophisticated let's say, something to blend in with the environment of the beautiful hall where we had the dinner yesterday. But Serena wanted to move a little bit more. So then we considered other options and 'Night Fever' came to life. So you can imagine how that looked!"

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Indeed, a Wimbledon champion’s duties are far from complete when he takes his leave of Centre Court. After capturing his ninth Grand Slam championship at Wimbledon on Sunday afternoon, Djokovic spent 90 minutes talking to the world’s media before attending the Champions’ Dinner at the Guildhall in central London with his wife, Jelena, and team.

The Belgrade native was then back at the All England Club at 11:20am on Monday morning for one more hour of press duties. After a 15-minute press conference, with five minutes at the end for Serbian press, Djokovic crossed live to New York for an appearance with Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning before speaking to BBC, Sky, CNBC, CNN and ATP World Tour Uncovered.

"There is always room for improvement and I think that's something that is positive and keeps me going,” World No. 1 Djokovic responded, when asked if he is at the peak of his powers. “The top players are all very self-critical. We all want to work harder than the other guys so that's something that's always in the back of your mind and gives you a lot of motivation. I know I can get my game to a higher level and I have a tendency to do so.

"I find it easy to motivate myself with the people around me. It's a responsibility for me to keep going and bring joy to myself and these people. As a 28 year old I feel like I have many years in front of me.”

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