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Alexander Zverev and John Isner helped out the Greater Humane Society of Miami as part of Miami Unites Day.

Zverev Adopts Puppy: ‘Love At First Sight’

Second seed leaves Greater Humane Society of Miami with new four-legged friend

Alexander Zverev went all in during a visit to the Humane Society of Greater Miami on Tuesday.

A scheduled half-hour promotional visit to the dog and cat adoption facility turned into a significantly longer commitment when the Miami Open second seed left with a two-month-old terrier mix, Pop.

"Sascha came into the room, Pop walked over to him and they had a major, major cuddle session. It was love at first site,” said Jossie Aguirre, Humane Society of Greater Miami Director of Marketing and Special Events.

"He's still in my arm [and is ] very calm,” Zverev said during his visit with fellow 2018 Miami Open finalist John Isner. “He seems quite happy and I'm very happy to take him home."

After getting the necessary clearances, Zverev plans to bring Pop to his home in Monte-Carlo, where his other dog, Lovik, resides.

Pop was among a litter of 11 brought to the facility. He is the eighth member of the family to be adopted and Ms. Aguirre believes Zverev’s support will help to see the remaining three puppies find a loving home.

“Every time we get a celebrity adopting a pet, it leads to increased traffic to our social accounts and we’ve seen several more people starting to follow our accounts today,” Ms. Aguirre said.

The Humane Society of Greater Miami is a limited admit, adoption guarantee facility dedicated to placing every dog and cat in their care into a loving home, and to promoting responsible pet ownership and spay/neuter programs.

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