Matteo Berrettini Break Point

Netflix Q&A: Break Point With Matteo Berrettini

Italian reflects on his experience filming for the new tennis show
January 10, 2023
Matteo Berrettini's favourite shows include Stranger Things, Dexter and The Punisher.
Andrew Eichenholz/ATP Tour
Matteo Berrettini's favourite shows include Stranger Things, Dexter and The Punisher. By ATP Staff

Matteo Berrettini enjoyed a season of highs and lows in 2022, from triumphing at Queen's Club and Stuttgart to dealing with injuries. The powerful Italian was one of the players who will be featured on Netflix's Break Point, which premieres on 13 January. caught up with the Italian about the experience of filming for the show, his interesting Netflix-viewing habits and more.

What was most surprising about the whole Netflix experience?
I think I had done a lot of marketing stuff, but I never got so intimate. Guys filming in your room or in the locker room talking to your team, having dinner with your family, getting to know my deepest connections and relationships. I think that’s something I’d never experienced.

At the beginning I was kind of like, ‘Should I do this? This is my private life.’ But then in order to make it special and the best [it could be], it was needed. I actually loved it because everybody around me really liked it and it was nice. 

What did it take to be able to open up for the cameras and show all that?
I think one thing is being private and [another] thing is showing what you want, certain stuff in your personal life. I personally like to be private and not say too much about myself, for example on my socials. But at the same time if you have a show like that that can show the people who I am in that way without filters, I think it’s something nice.

That’s how I convinced myself it was the right thing to do, because it can show people you can become a professional athlete even if you come from a normal family. You don’t have to have parents that do sports or have to be crazy good when you’re 19, 20 or even 14. You can become a professional athlete [even if you need] a little bit more time and doing different things.

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Did you ever wish the cameras weren’t there or have any second thoughts?
Yeah, yeah, for sure. I got my first surgery of my career this year and there were moments when there were tough losses and tough moments. I was like, ‘I don’t know if I want to have them around because I want to maybe cry, maybe be upset or not talk to anybody’. Then I was like, ‘Matteo, you want to show them when you’re happy. You don’t mind when you’re happy. So I think it’s correct and good to show them also the down sides, the parts when you’re not happy’.

People can see that it’s real and it’s not fake. It’s something that is really yourself and I try to do that as much as possible. That’s why it’s going to be a great show.

What is the funniest moment you had with the film crew?
So many. I think hopefully they’re going to cut a lot because my team swears so much! We make fun of ourselves and everybody around us. Sometimes you have a mic on and it’s funny because we keep forgetting and obviously the crew also follows us and they got to know us.

At least with us, they always said they enjoyed being around us. After some dinners, for example, they were having dinner with us. I remember at Queen’s they followed us at dinner and we switched off the cameras and had a drink together to celebrate because they were there with us the whole week. They were part of the team in a way, so it was cool.

What is your favourite Netflix show?
When I was young I remember The Punisher. I killed two seasons in two days. I really liked the vibes sometimes, superhero and these kinds of shows. Sometimes I really like Dexter. It’s a kind of old show, but a classic. Obviously Stranger Things is a good one, I didn’t see the last season though. I’m weird with shows, I’m weird.

Did you watch Drive To Survive?
I watched a few episodes. I’m weird with shows. I watched and then after I stopped for two days and it becomes two months, then I watch again. I think the best part is seeing all the things that you cannot see on TV when you follow [the sport]. Obviously the fact that they risk their lives when they drive, but we knew that before. It’s such a tough and dangerous sport, but the behind the scenes especially for a sport like that, it’s super cool.

How do you plan on watching Break Point?
I’m weird with myself. For example my interviews and my stuff, I barely watch it. I don’t really like to see myself on screen and I’m always like 'Oh why did I say that, why did I say it like that?' Probably I’m going to watch it because I’m curious also about the other guys. But probably I’m going to skip the parts when I’m on screen.

Who are you most interested in seeing from other players?
There are a few guys, I know them pretty well. But I want to know what they’re going to show us. Obviously Frances [laughs]. It’s going to be interesting to see what he gave us. Casper for example, he’s really conservative. He’s really serious and I want to see if he’s going to loosen up a little bit and give us a little bit more.

Taylor, I don’t know him that much so I’m curious how he is like in real life in a way that I’ll know more about him. Stefanos is going to be interesting as always. He’s really used to vlogging, doing videos and stuff.

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