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Rafael Nadal has not competed since the Australian Open in January.

Nadal Successfully Undergoes Surgery

Spaniard will spend next five months recovering

Rafael Nadal is expected to recuperate for five months after successfully undergoing arthroscopic surgery to check his left psoas muscle on Friday.

"Hello everyone. As you know last night I had surgery. Everything went well and the arthroscopy was on the left psoas tendon that has kept me out of competition since January," wrote Nadal in Spanish on social media on Saturday.

"An old injury to the labrum of my left hip was also [fixed] which will surely help the better evolution of the tendon. I want to thank doctors Marc Philippon, Jaume Vilaro and Angel Ruiz-Cotorro for their work.

"I will start progressive functional rehabilitation immediately and the normal recovery process they tell me is 5 months, if all goes well."

The Spaniard, who has not competed since the Australian Open in January, underwent surgery at the Teknon Clinic in Barcelona. The surgery consisted of cleaning the fibrotic and degenerated areas of the tendon both proximal and distal, as well as stitching it to adequately reinforce it. An old injury to the labrum of his left hip was also fixed, which will help the tendon evolve better.

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