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Federer's Hilarious Wimbledon Story: Security Didn't Let Me In!

Swiss reflects on funny moment from two weeks ago

Roger Federer is not just one of the most recognisable tennis players in the world, but a global icon who has resonated far beyond the sport. Getting into Wimbledon should not be a problem for the eight-time champion, right?


Two weeks ago, Federer was in London. The Swiss star had two hours to kill before his flight, so he decided to pay the All England Club a visit.

Little did the 20-time Grand Slam champion know he would struggle to get into the facility. Federer recounted the hilarious story Wednesday evening on The Daily Show with friend and comedian Trevor Noah.

“I have not really been at Wimbledon when the tournament is not on, so I drive up to the gate, where usually guests come in, where you would arrive and then you go up,” Federer recalled. “I get out and tell my coach who was with me at the time, Severin, I tell him I’ll quickly go out and speak to the security lady, I got this. I did not.

“So then I get out and I’m like, ‘Yes, hello, I was just wondering how I can get in to Wimbledon? Where is the door? Where is the gate?’` She [says], ‘Do you have a membership card?’ I’m like, 'Uh, we have one?'"

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Federer long ago earned his Wimbledon membership by winning the tournament. However, he did not have his card with him. The 41-year-old told the security agent so, adding that he is a member and was just looking for where he could enter.

“I tell her normally when I’m here I’m playing and there’s loads of people and I come in in a different way and it’s the first time I’m here while the tournament’s not on and I don’t know where to get in so, 'I’m just asking you again, where can I get in?'” Federer said. “She’s like, 'Well at the side, but you have to be a member.' So I look at her one last time and I’m in a panic now. I’m so sorry, I still can’t believe I said that, I still feel bad about it, and I look at her and I was like, ‘I have won this tournament eight times. Please believe me, I am a member and where do I get in?’”

Even that did not work, so Federer returned to the car and they pulled around the side. Luckily, a fan in a walkway spotted Federer.

“I get out of the car and a random person walks in the walkway and said, ‘Oh Mr. Federer I can’t believe you’re here at Wimbledon! Can we take a selfie?’ I’m like, ‘Yes! Let’s take a picture!’ And the security guards that are there are like, ‘Oh my God Mr. Federer, what are you doing here? Do you have your membership card?’” Federer recalled. “I’m like, ‘No I don’t, but is it possible to get in?’ ‘Of course we’ll open the door, let me organise it.’

As soon as Federer entered he spoke to the chairman and enjoyed himself at the All England Club. He even paid a visit to an old friend: the Wimbledon trophy he lifted eight times. "Nice to see you again 🫠," Federer posted on Instagram.

All is well that ends well.

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