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Andy Murray? Meet the actor who plays him, Fraser McKnight

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February 07, 2024
Fraser McKnight is an actor who plays Andy Murray.
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Fraser McKnight is an actor who plays Andy Murray. By ATP Staff

There is a big difference between Fraser McKnight the actor and Fraser McKnight the family man.

On the screen, the Scottish sensation plays the unforgettable Sir Andy Murray in 'The Tour: A Reality Show', the hit tennis series that tennis fans have been led to believe was a legitimate global sporting circuit.

“I think that’s what people don’t realise. It’s all just scripted: the players, the matches,” McKnight said. “It’s all just kind of made up. It’s a bit like wrestling or the reality TV shows. None of it’s real.”

Murray is a tennis player with a story fit for the big screen.

Murray reached the top of the tennis world and captured the hearts and imaginations of fans around the globe. But things went awry when he was forced to undergo multiple hip surgeries. Now, Murray is fighting back to remind those watching at home he can still reach the heights of his glory days.

According to McKnight, he knows what will happen throughout the tennis calendar well ahead of time. He needs time to prepare for the grunting sessions in the audio room as well as choreography sessions for key matches.

“We usually get our storylines at the start of the year and we just try to make everything look natural,” McKnight said. “Let’s face it, people are stupid, so they’ll buy anything.”

There is a stark contrast between the animated character Murray is on the court and how McKnight is in his personal life.

McKnight is a family man through and through. When he is not at the studio filming “ATP Tour: This Is Tennis”, he is spending time with his four children.

His two boys and two girls have him wrapped around his finger. Although McKnight is not allowed to step out of the car when picking them up at school, he does anything to make them happy.

That includes early-morning wakeups to play dress-up. Recently, McKnight has been made to wear a dinosaur outfit and to pretend he is a wizard in the Harry Potter series.

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For a three-time Emmy winner, he does not seek the spotlight. But as a consistent star for nearly two decades, McKnight continues to earn the accolades.

Once in his Murray character, McKnight knows he needs to snap into work mode. Murray often plays long matches — sometimes lasting more than three hours — and is known to roar in many tones. Some of his screams are in delight after winning a key point, and others are more of a moan towards his player box.

At the same time, Murray is a diplomat for the sport who constantly supports those around him and serves as a mentor to some of the younger players on the professional circuit.

It is a complicated role for McKnight to play. But for the fan of fantasy football and social media comedy, it is an opportunity to show his range for television fans around the world.

McKnight is excited to learn the next chapter of his character’s journey.

“We just try to make everything look real,” McKnight said. “And the viewers seem to love it.”

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