Strasbourg, France
French, English and some German
Coach Since

Christophe Freyss

Coaching Career Highlights

  • Has worked for the following: French Tennis Federation (3 years), Swiss Tennis (8 years), Tunisian Tennis Federation (1 year) and the Smash Tennis Academy in Cairo.
  • He has worked for two tennis clubs in Egypt (7 years), the Tennis Club de Strasbourg (2 years), different tennis clubs in Switzerland (6 years) and Canton de Vaud (4 years)
  • Coached Malek Jaziri.


  • Currently coaching young players in Switzerland, but would like to return to the circuit to coach another professional player
  • His ambition is to help a player increase their ranking and achieve their goals
  • He has a daughter, Candice, and two granddaughters (Lana is 8 and Lois is 6)
  • Both of his parents live in Strasbourg, along with the rest of his family
  • He enjoys playing golf, football, skiing, hiking, and a bit of cycling