Heilbronn, Germany
May 14 - 20 2018
SGL 32   DBL 16
Surface   Clay
Prize Money
Total Financial Commitment

Heilbronn Celebrates Tournament Of The Year Honours In 2017
Tucked in the southwest corner of Germany, less than an hour north of Stuttgart, is the sleepy town of Heilbronn. With the river Neckar curling around the downtown district and a vast expanse of vineyards dotting the surrounding region, Heilbronn’s tranquility provides players with a relaxed setting for a tournament. One of the few remaining clubs on the ATP Challenger Tour to be founded in the 1800s, the TC Heilbronn Trappensee E.V. 1892 has hosted the Neckarcup for the past four years. World No. 10 Alexander Zverev broke into the Top 100 for the first time after lifting the trophy in 2015.

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