Mouilleron le Captif
Mouilleron le Captif, France
October 03 - 09 2022
Prize Money
Challenger Category 90

Mouilleron An Integral Tournament In French Indoor Swing
In September and October, France shines with a trio of world-class indoor events. It kicks off in Orleans and moves to Mouilleron-le-Captif, before concluding in Brest. The Internationaux de Tennis de Vendée is going strong for nearly 10 years, with a trio of home grown champions from 2014-16 and three straight Ymer winners from 2017-19. Elias Ymer went back-to-back, before brother Mikael lifted the trophy in 2019. Similar to Orleans and Brest, the entertainment value in Mouilleron is top notch, with a state-of-the-art arena and elite fan experience.

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