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Ruusuvuori Reveals His ATP Band, What Makes Finland So Happy & More

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March 28, 2023
Emil Ruusuvuori has climbed as high as No. 40 in the Pepperstone ATP Rankings.
Peter Staples/ATP Tour
Emil Ruusuvuori has climbed as high as No. 40 in the Pepperstone ATP Rankings. By Andrew Eichenholz

Emil Ruusuvuori has quickly established himself as a consistent performer on the ATP Tour. The Finnish star, who is No. 43 in the Pepperstone ATP Live Rankings, has a powerful baseline game that has propelled him to success.

Off the court, he has plenty of interests, from hockey to music. caught up with Ruusuvuori before his fourth-round match at the Miami Open presented by Itau against Botic van de Zandschulp.

If you could choose any three people to go to dinner with, who would they be and why?
Let’s put Michael Jordan. This one is pretty tough! Roger [Federer] I never really met. It’s a pity that he stopped too early, so I never got to practise with him or anything, I’ll take him. Then some artist, a big rock star.

How much are you into music?
I can listen to anything, but my dad is really into music and he was a young kid who was playing all the rock classics, Led Zeppelin, stuff like this. I used to listen to it, too.

Which is your favourite band?
Probably Red Hot Chili Peppers is one. I remember the first CD that I ever had was from them. I wish I would [play drums] more because I don’t have them any more. We actually have one set at the summer house, so if I have the chance in the summer to go there maybe once a summer [I enjoy it]. Too little. I should find a way.


Who would be in your ATP band?
For the singer I would take my country fellow Harri Heliovaara. He’s a very good singer, actually. He is. He actually did a crazy thing. In his first Davis Cup [tie] as a rookie he sang the national anthem of Finland alone without any guitar, piano, anything, in front of a couple hundred people on court.

Maybe I’ll take Frances Tiafoe to be the hype man. I don’t know who else is pretty musical. We need maybe a bassist. For bass we will take some big fellow with a beard, but there are not too many!

How well do you remember meeting fellow Finn Teemu Selanne, the NHL legend?
I met him I think in Finland a couple of times… it must have been in Finland. Then in the States we spent a couple of nights at his house and at his restaurant. I think they actually just got a Michelin star, the restaurant.

How much do you still follow hockey?
I’ve been even following the Finnish league. A friend of mine came [to] the States, he went back to Finland for this season, so I’ve been following that. He plays for the club where the stadium is right next to where I live, so I’ve been following.

There are actually playoffs going on, so that’s what I’m going to do tonight, watch the game. Here with the time change you just put the TV on, watch the game and it’s fine. When you’re in Europe it’s tough with the times.

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What is something interesting fans might not know about you?
I’ve been getting into watch collecting a little bit. I’ve been following watches a lot and that’s something that traveling, you can always have them with you so it’s easier to do.

And then I think everybody should experience the endless summer nights somewhere in Finland at the summer house. That’s the best place to relax in the world.

What makes Finland so happy?
I have to say if you ask people at the moment with this weather, they’re probably struggling! Things just work so well there. Everything from the schools, medical care and everything like this, it just works perfectly. Can’t complain about any of those things, so it’s just a very good place to live, except for the weather [right now]!

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