Emilio Sanchez
Emilio Sanchez
Emilio Sanchez
Emilio Sanchez
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  • Personal
  • Residence: Barcelona, Spain Single
    Singles titles: 15, as follows:
    1992--(1) Sydney
    1991--(3) Barcelona, Rome, Gstaad
    1990--(2) Wellington, Estoril
    1989--(1) Kitzbuhel
    1988--(1) Hilversum
    1987--(4) Gstaad, Bordeaux, Kitzbuhel, Madrid
    1986--(3) Nice, Munich, Bastad
    Doubles titles: 50, as follows: 1995--(2) Atlanta, Montevideo (w/Casal)
    1994--(2) Gstaad, Buenos Aires (w/Casal)
    1993--(4) Genova, Palermo, Tel Aviv, Sao Paulo (w/Casal)
    1992--(4) Sydney, Hamburg, Kitzbuhel, Bordeaux (w/Casal)
    1991--(5) Auckland, Stuttgart-indoor, Hamburg, Buzios (w/Casal), Stuttgart-
    outdoor (w/Masur)
    1990--(7) Brussels (w/Zivojinovic), Estoril, Rome, French Open, Gstaad,
    Hilversum, Palermo (w/Casal)
    1989--(2) Hamburg, Kitzbuhel (w/brother Javier)
    1988--(10) Madrid, Monte Carlo, Stuttgart, Hilversum, Kitzbuhel, U.S. Open,
    Barcelona, Itaparica (w/Casal), French Open (w/Gomez), Bologna (w/Javier)
    1987--(6) Philadelphia, Nice, Bologna, Bordeaux, Kitzbuhel, Itaparica (w/
    1986--(5) Munich, Florence, Gstaad, Bastad, Hamburg (w/Casal)
    1985--(3) Kitzbuhel, Geneva, Barcelona (w/Casal)
    Year-by-Year Highlights:
    1992- RD 16 at Australian Open; Doubles R-up at Milan (w/Casal).
    1991- R-up at Schenectady, Palermo; QF at Auckland, Indian Wells,Key Biscayne
    Kitzbuhel; Doubles R-up at Schenectady (w/Gomez), Palermo (w/J. Sanchez);
    Doubles SF at Estoril, Monte Carlo, Madrid (w/Casal), Gstaad (w/Camporese).
    1990- SF at Key Biscayne, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Rome, Stuttgart, Hilversum,
    Kitzbuhel; QF at Indian Wells, Gstaad, Paris-indoor, Moscow; Doubles R-up
    at Wellington, Barcelona, Sanctuary Cove; Doubles SF at Moscow (w/Casal).
    1989- R-up at Hilversum, Bordeaux; SF at Scottsdale, Itaparica; QF at Key Bis
    cayne, Orlando; Doubles SF at Hilversum, Madrid (w/Javier),Bordeaux(w/Casal
    1988- R-up at Indian Wells, Bologna, Kitzbuhel; SF at Munich; QF at French
    Open, Gstaad, U.S. Open, Stockholm; RD 16 at Key Biscayne; Doubles R-up at
    Gstaad (w/Gomez), Masters (w/Casal).
    1987- R-up at Nice, Bolgona; SF at Bastad; QF at Indian Wells, Milan, Hamburg
    Barcelona, Vienna; RD 16 at French Open, Wimbledon; Doubles R-up at Memphis
    Milan, Munich, Wimbledon, Madrid (w/Casal), Bastad, Vienna(w/brother Javier
    1986- R-up at Rome; SF at Florence, Gstaad, Hilversum, Kitzbuhel, Hamburg; QF
    at Rotterdam, Cincinnati; Doubles R-up at Bari (w/Casal).
    1985- QF at Munich, Kitzbuhel, Barcelona; Doubles R-up at Munich, Bastad,
    Palermo, Vienna (w/Casal).
    1984- SF at Bari; QF at Nice; Doubles SF at Wembley (w/Becker).
    Best Grand Slam Results: French Open, 1988 Quarterfinalist, 1987/86/84 RD 16,
    1988 Doubles Champion (w/Gomez), 1990 (w/Casal); Wimbledon, 1987 RD 16,
    Doubles runner-up (w/Casal); U.S Open, 1988 Quarterfinalist, Doubles champ-
    ion (w/Casal); 1991/90 RD 16.
    One of the premier doubles players in the world, having qualified for
    the year-end finals five years with Sergio Casal. Finished runner-up in 1988
    to Leach-Pugh. Has 44 (of 50) career doubles titles with Casal.
    Captured a career-best 10 doubles titles (8 w/Casal) in 1988 in addition
    to finishing runner-up (silver medalist) at the Seoul Olympic Games.
    The Spanish National Champion, runner-up at the Orange Bowl and member
    of the winning Spanish Sunshine Cup team in 1983.
    Member of the Spanish Davis Cup team from 1984-present.
    Comes from a tennis family that includes younger brother Javier, older
    sister Marisa and younger sister Arantxia.
    Coached by Pato Alvarez who travels with Emilio, Javier and Casal.
    Thirteen of his 15 career singles titles have come on clay, winning his
    first hardcourt title at Wellington in January 1990. He reached the U.S.
    Open quarterfinals in 1988 and the RD 16 at Wimbleon in '87, his best non-
    clay Slam results.
    Qualified for both the singles and doubles ATP Tour World Championships
    in 1990.
    Broke into the top 10 for the first time in 1990, ending the year at No.
    8. Has finished in the top 20 the last six years. Compiled a 50-25 match
    record and earned a career-high $734,286 in '90.


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