Pietro Pennisi
Pietro Pennisi
  • Personal
  • Residence: Florence, Italy Single
    Year-by-Year Highlights:
    1995- Fourth at France #1 (w/21 pts.).
    1994- SF at Malta Ch., Belo Horizonte Ch., Reunion Island Ch.; QF at Bochum
    Ch.; Doubles Winner at Bristol Ch. (w/Radulescu); Doubles SF at Fortaleza
    Ch. (w/Valeri);
    1993- Winner at Germany Sat. #1 (w/47 pts.); R-up at Netherlands Sat. (w/59
    pts.); QF at Liege Ch.
    1992- Doubles SF at Gramado Ch. (w/Bruno).
    1991- SF at Singapore Ch.; Sixth at Spain Sat. #8 (w/11 pts.); Doubles Winner
    at Italy Sat. #2 (w/35 pts.); Doubles R-up at Salerno Ch. (w/Alvarez);
    Third in doubles at Germany Sat. #3 (w/19 pts.).
    1990- R-up at Austrian Sat. (w/19 pts.).
    1989- Doubles R-up at Florence (w/Restelli); Third in doubles at N. African
    Sat. (w/Ardinghi w/15 pts.).
    Father, Carlo; mother, Alessandra. Mother was the fourth-ranked Italian
    player in the 1960s. Younger brother, Lorenzo (21), also plays tennis.
    Enjoys soccer and reading. As of May 1995, was still attending law
    school in Florence.
    Qualified for his third career ATP Tour tournament in Bologna in May
    1995 and defeated Oscar Martinez for first career win.


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