Christo Van Rensburg
Christo Van Rensburg
Christo Van Rensburg
Christo Van Rensburg
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  • Personal
  • Residence: Austin, Texas Wife, Monica
    Singles titles: 2, as follows: (married Feb. 10,1994)
    1989--(1) Johannesburg
    1987--(1) Orlando 1996--(1) Atlanta (w/Wheaton)
    Doubles titles: 18, as follows: 1995--(1) Buenos Aires (w/Spadea)
    1994--(1) Birmingham (w/Reneberg)
    1993--(2) Osaka (w/Keil), Newport (w/Frana)
    1990--(2) Basel (w/Kruger), Tel Aviv (w/Odizor)
    1989--(2) Memphis, Philadelphia (w/Annacone)
    1987--(2) Key Biscayne (Lipton), Chicago (w/Annacone)
    1986--(1) Johannesburg (w/DePalmer)
    1985--(5) Delray Beach-Lipton, Atlanta, San Francisco, Australian Open (w/
    Annacone), Johannesburg (w/Dowdeswell)
    1984--(1) Sydney/NSW (w/Annacone)
    Year-by-Year Highlights:
    1991- Doubles Runner-up at Singapore (w/Kruger)
    1989- Runner-up at Queen's (l. Lendl); Winner at Capetown-1 Ch.; Quarter-
    finalist at Sydney/NSW, Philadelphia, San Fran.; RD 16 at Australian Open,
    Wimbledon; Doubles Runner-up at Scottsdale, San Fran. (w/Annacone); Doubles
    SF at Sydney/NSW (w/Muller), Hamburg (w/Witsken),U.S. Open (w/Annacone).
    1988- Runner-up at Johannesburg (l. Hlasek); Semifinalist at Sydney/NSW,
    Philadelphia, Tel Aviv; Quarterfinalist at Queen's; Doubles Runner-up at
    Paris Indoor (w/Grabb); Doubles Semifinalist at Memphis, Key Biscayne-
    Lipton (w/Annacone), Washington (w/Muller), Tel Aviv (w/Mansdorf).
    1987- Semifinalist at Newport, Stratton Mountain;Doubles Runner-up at Orlando
    Stratton Mt. (weather) (w/Annacone); Doubles Semifinalist 6 Times.
    1986- Semifinalist at Livingston; RD 16 at Wimbledon; Doubles Runner-up at
    Stratton Mt. (w/Annacone); Doubles Semifinalist 5 Times,including Wimbledon
    1985- Doubles Runner-up at Las Vegas, Newport, Los Angeles, WCT/World Doubles
    (w/Annacone); Doubles Semifinalist 4 Times; Doubles Quarterfinalist at
    French Open, Wimbledon (w/Annacone).
    Turned pro in 1983 and that year won three non-Grand Prix doubles titles
    before winning his first in 1984 (w/Annacone) at Sydney/NSW.
    One of the most likable players on the circuit and known for his magic
    The 1983 South African Junior Champion and the 1983/82 South African
    Grass Court champion.
    Qualified for the Masters in 1985, '87 (w/Annacone) and '89, finishing
    runner-up to Gunthardt-Taroczy in '85 (in five sets).
    He and Annacone opened and closed the 1985 with two of their biggest
    accomplishments, winning the doubles title at Delray Beach-Lipton in February
    and the Australian Open in December.
    Improved his ATP singles ranking from 254 in 1985 to 69 in '86 to 29 in
    '87 (35 in '88).
    Won his first (and only) Grand Prix title at Orlando in March 1987,
    defeating Tim Mayotte (SF) and Jimmy Connors (F).
    Teamed with Annacone to win a career-high four titles in 1985 while
    ranking only No. 254 in singles.
    Compiled a 28-15 match record, earned a career-high $287,343 and ranked
    a year-end best No. 27 on the ATP computer in 1989, his third straight top 50


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