Mel Purcell
Mel Purcell
Mel Purcell
Mel Purcell
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  • Personal
  • Residence: Murray, Kentucky Single
    Singles titles, 3, as follows:
    1981--(3) Tampa, Atlanta, Tel Aviv
    Doubles titles: 4, as follows:
    1987--(1) Vienna (w/Wilkison)
    1983--(1) Vienna (w/S. Smith)
    1982--(2) WCT/Delray Beach (w/Teltscher), Munich (w/Hooper)
    Year-by-Year Highlights:
    1989- Quarterfinalist at Hanko Ch.; Doubles Semifinalist at Tampere Ch.,
    Hanko Ch. (w/Paloheimo).
    1987- Semifinalist at Munich; Doubles Runner-up at Scottsdale (w/Goldie).
    1986- Runner-up at USTA Raleigh Challenger; Quarterfinalist at Hamburg;
    Doubles Runner-up at Boston (w/Cassidy).
    1985- Quarterfinalist at Philadelphia; Doubles Semifinalist at Washington (w/
    1984- Semifinalist at Vienna; Quarterfinalist at Rotterdam, Boca West,
    Washington; Doubles Semifinalist at Indianapolis (w/C. Lewis).
    1983- Runner-up at Monte Carlo, Vienna; Semifinalist at Indianapolis, Gstaad;
    Quarterfinalist at Wimbledon, N. Conway.
    1982- Runner-up at Los Angeles, Boston; Quarterfinalist at 5 Tournaments;
    Doubles Runner-up at Monterrey (w/Delatte).
    1981- Semifinalist at Denver; Quarterfinalist at 5 Tournaments; RD 16 at
    French Open; Doubles Runner-up at Denver (w/Stockton).
    1980- Runner-up at Indianapolis; Semifinalist at Japan Open; Quarterfinalist
    at Atlanta, Maui.
    One of the tour's quickest players and entertaining.
    He is an avid baseball fan, especially of the Atlanta Braves.
    His father, Benny, is tennis coach and a former basketball coach at
    Murray State University in Kentucky.
    Was a No. 1 player in the U.S. 21-under and was the 1980 NCAA Doubles
    Champion (w/Harmon) at the University of Tennessee.
    He had surgery on his right elbow in the fall of 1985.
    Named the ATP Newcomer of the Year in 1980.
    Earned a career-high $162,612 in 1982.


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