Patrick Baur
Patrick Baur
  • Personal
  • Residence: Bochum, West Germany Single
    Singles titles: 2, as follows:
    1991--(2) Guaruja, Seoul
    Doubles titles: 2, as follows:
    1989--(1) Tel Aviv (w/Bates)
    1988--(1) Bastad (w/Riglewski)
    Year-by-Year Highlights:
    1989- Winner at Manchester Ch.;Quarterfinalist at Wellington, Martinique Ch.,
    Brasilia Ch., Helsinki Ch.;Doubles Runner-up at Guadeloupe Ch. (w/Saceanu).
    1988- Winner at Martinque Ch.; Quarterfinalist at Adelaide, Tel Aviv, Valken-
    waard Ch.; Doubles Winner at Valkenswaard Ch. (w/Riglewski); Doubles Runner
    up at Tel Aviv (w/Mronz).
    1987- Winner at Furth Ch., Portuguese Sat. #1; Quarterfinalist at Bossonnens
    Turned pro in January 1986.
    Compiled a 4-9 match record and ranked No. 192 on the ATP computer in
    in 1989, his second straight top 200 finish. Also earned $50,059.
    In 1988, he won his first Grand Prix doubles title at Bastad (w/Riglew-
    ski), defeating Edberg-Kroon in the final. He finished a career year-end
    best No. 178 and earned an all-time high $58,758.


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