Roger Rasheed
Roger Rasheed
Roger Rasheed
Roger Rasheed
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  • Personal
  • Residence: Adelaide, S. Australia Single
    Year-by-Year Highlights:
    1992- Winner at Malaysian Sat.; R-up at Australian #1 Sat.
    1991- Second at Australian #3 Sat. (w/26 pts.); Third at Ireland Sat. (w/13
    pts.); Doubles SF at Christchurch Ch. (w/Limberger).
    1989- SF, Doubles R-up at Tasmania Ch. (w/Turich).
    1988- QF at Adelaide; Doubles Winner at British Sat. #2 (w/Barr); Doubles
    R-up at Tasmania Ch. (w/Barr); Doubles SF at Madeira-2 Ch. (w/Barr).
    Began playing at age 12.
    Qualified in his first Grand Slam at the Australian Open in 1985. Won
    his first Grand Slam match at the 1992 Australian Open, defeating Danilo
    Marcelino in five sets before losing to Ivan Lendl.
    Enjoys jet skiing, Australian rules football, golf, fast cars, fitness
    training, and triathalons.
    Turned pro in 1989.
    Coached by Bob Carmichael.


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